Running in slippery conditions

So I'm getting back into my running, well, at least I hope I am. I've gone from running once every fortnight or so, to running twice in a week (Monday & today), 5am and it's a joy at such a quiet time of day!

Except this morning, it was -4C degrees and foggy. I still got a couple of miles in but my word, it was COLD!

Anyway, where the ground had been moist over night and turned to ice in the temperature, the ground was quite slippery and I'm not sure my Nike's are suitable for such slippery surfaces. Last thing I want to do is slip over and do an injury just as I'm finding my stride again!

Soooo, any tips?! Should I grab some new trainers, if so, what type? or just be careful of ice?


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17 Replies

  • How about the yaktrax?

    Am considering some myself if it gets snowy/icy...

  • Also found my Adidas response really slippy on wet pavement, nearly went over!

  • There is always the good old socks over shoes trick - you might look a bit odd, but it works and is much cheaper than new shoes! ;-)

  • How long would they last?

  • haha. made me think of when me & hubby went as torville & dean for fancy dress & wore white socks over our boots to pretend we were ice-skaters :)

  • Well, I usually use them for dog walking (in the dark I hasten to add), so they get quite a lengthy outing. I use the sports socks type - get a 5 pack of the cheapo ones at primark for about 2 quid in the biggest size they've got and they do last for 2-3 walks a pair (the odd hole doesn't really impair function). So the guestimate would be about 10 miles plus per pair, which is not bad value for money considering it doesn't get icy that often (usually) Or just use some old holey ones you've got flying around anyway ;-)

    ***Just read that back and I do sound like a right weirdo, oops ****

  • We have just got this new item in...

    Not only are these half the price of the Yaktrax mentioned above, but they are spikes so grip better on tarmac. But remember whether you wear these spied version or the yaktrax they will both slip on concrete flags even when not icy.

  • How do these fit on your shoes completerunner? Are they pretty secure? I cant tell from the photograph

  • yes, they look good but what if you have them on when there is a non-icy patch? will you slip on pavements in them?

  • As they are spiked they push in to tramac with ease. So if you come accross an un-icy patch of concrete paving slabs move in to the road (if it is safe to do so)...

  • Thanks completerunner, what are they like on paving slabs that aren't icy?

    Living in London, it's rarely safe to run in the road and yesterdays run saw 99% of the pavements as safe to run on, with the odd icy patch.

  • My warning is about non icy paving slabs, but this warning is for any item of this kind as metal will just slip on concrete even in the middle of summer. If you are careful you may be OK but I am covering myself by alerting you to the risk.

    My experiance of this has come from wearing cross country spikes (essentially the same thing).

  • They work just like the Yaktrax... holes in rubber pull over heel and then up over toe.

  • Thanks for posting this, I have something similar I bought last year for going to/from work and was wondering if they'd cope OK. You've put my mind at rest, now bring on the snow! (Earlier in the week the weatherman promised me that it would snow during my run this morning (I really fancy running while it's snowing for some perverted reason) but he was lying to me, it didn't happen.)

  • Ooh, let me know what you decide on - I 've almost decided to revert to the treadmill since I am so over-cautious even when walking on icy surfaces - often overtaken by zimmer frames!

  • I read in Women's Running that trail shoes can help with running on ice but I haven't tried it out yet and I've read elsewhere that it doesn't help. :-( On that basis, i wouldn't buy a pair specially but I might try my existing ones next time it is icy, but very carefully !

  • I met some superfast marathon man in the post office queue on Friday, who states that ice is not a problem in normal shoes as long as you don't worry about it and start tip-toeing around, because that's when you go flying. I did try to make him promise to come and see me in hospital after I'd followed his advice, but he just wouldn't commit to that. And he was rather short with big feet, so I'm sure the physics work in his favour, compared to my 6 foot beanpole shape with size 5 feet - it's a looong way to fall!

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