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running in the heat

due to shift work more often than not i am running at lunch time , just done w8 r3 in 24 degrees and full sun. other than dehydration which i appear to have worked out , does it slow your overall pace by any significant degree.

I have incorporated a 1:20 incline into the first part 1000m of my route, which i smashed a minute off today compared with r1.

Next week i have planed a full 5k route with less of an incline ….. would it be better to tackle it first thing in the morning or late evening.

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Yes, running in the heat does tend to slow you down. Getting your hydration right is important, so well done - I'd advise wearing a cap to keep the sun off your head and face as well. Seems like the wrong kind of reasoning to me, but it does keep you (slightly) cooler.

Here (I'm back near Beirut again) it tends to be cooler in the early morning than late evening. However, the couple of degrees difference is probably less important than what suits you best. I prefer running in the morning on empty (or almost empty if I'm doing a longer run of 8km or more). Others prefer running at the end of the day, so you might need to try both and see which you prefer.

All the best for W9 - don't worry about pbs and distance, just take it slow and steady (a speed where you could talk while running) and you'll be fine.


Think it depends on the individual. I'm a morning runner and in the present heat, the earlier the better.


First thing is cooler than last


thanks all …. early morning it is then


I lived in Spain for eight years and if you didn't do any activities before 9am then forget it. The heat is still in the ground in the evenings so mornings are so much better.


I'm a morning runner and don't normally have any problems. Today though, due to an alarm malfunction I didn't get up in time for a morning run, so ran this evening - aint ever doing that again!

So my advice is definately - try 6am :)


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