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Post-Graduation run - and I'm still shocking myself!

I graduated last Thursday (still waiting for the badge though...), with a triumphant 38-minute 5K run.

Tonight, after a very busy weekend away, I was really looking forward to going out again, although aware that after the weekend another 38 minute run was going to be a bit of a struggle. Well, out I went and I thoroughly enjoyed the run. When I got back I texted my other half, who's away with work tonight, and said "Good run. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't push too hard tonight - just a nice easy 4K in 30 mins".

In a list of 'Things I never EVER thought I'd hear myself say', that has to be a good contender for the top spot. Even last week, I wouldn't have dreamed of describing a 30 minute run like that!!

This programme just keeps on giving - even after you think you've finished it!!


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Ha, that made me laugh! I did the speed podcast tonight and was lamenting how short it was, only 20 minutes - ONLY 20 minutes of interval training?! Someone has snuck in and rewired my brain when I wasn't looking :O


Yes, mine too!!

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the Speed and Stamina runs, but at the moment I've got my eye firmly on the fact that I've signed up for 10K in early May, so I really need to prioritise increasing my distance for the moment.

I start Samantha's first B210K run on Wednesday... :-)


Oooh! Good luck! Don't forget to blog


Wow! Something for us lesser mortals to aim for! Well done.


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