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W5 R2 - post run cheering...acceptable?

I'm out on R2 of W5 tonight, after R1 I was dead chuffed, I'd had enough energy in the tank to up the pace for the last 60 seconds which felt so amazing I cheered at the end (in a park full of dog walkers, but I don't even care) Literally haven't felt that good after a run before.

Eager to get out at it again tonight and progress to R3, for which I've composed a 20 minute running playlist (I know, going off - piste) and planned a sunday morning run, living the dream.

Happy Friday peeps :)

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Perfectly acceptable Foxy, in fact positively encouraged ! You gotta have a bit of post run cheering, it would be rude not to !

Well done , youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx


Post-run cheering is ALWAYS acceptable (possibly obligatory)! Well done.


Oh yes, EVERY time! 😄



Sounds just great..we should have T-shirts with 'I just ran for 20 mins' on need..our smiles says it all..😄

Good luck EFox89 your weekend is gonna be great.. take it all nice and


Post run cheering? Every time - well deserved!


You cheer if you want to! :D Hope your run goes well tonight, and the weather is obliging for you (I'm sitting here watching a few snowflakes drift idly past the window, and remembering I want to run tonight...!)


It's the same here, I'm thinking 5 pairs of socks, 2 woolly hats and gloves!

Thankfully it's not settled yet!


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