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Week 5 Run 1 and new trainers to do it in

well, I put on the new trainers as recommended by the 'Sweatshop' and at first I found my self wondering why I parted with a tidy sum for these running shoes? after the second five minute run it became clear why - they are comfortable, I was running (quick jog actually) without concentrating on my foot work and was able to focus on my breathing.

Do I think I made the right decision to splash out - yes I do now. Do they make me run quicker - no - they do make it easier on the body though.

one thing - does the music get any better????

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Glad the trainers are working well ... was so pleased once I had mine, and my legs have not been a problem since ... as for the music, I miss the' both feet on the ground' song, but have had 'You and Julie' to make up for it and my favourite yet comes at the end of week 9 runs 'Top dog song'

Something for you to listen out for :D


So money well spent, then!

Don't let the music get you down, just concentrate on the beat (feet and breathing). If someone were to ask me to name the songs, I wouldn't have a clue!

Did download some other c25k podcasts (Aerosmith etc.) the first few weeks, but now I'm happy to stick with Laura (weeks 5 and 6 are different routines each day anyway). :-)


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