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New shoes

Well I bit the bullet and went to Run4it today and had my so called running style analysed. I slightly overpronate it was pretty cool to see it on video and after trying on three pair of shoes I left with a pair of Brooks VApour 10 :) JUst did week 4 run 2 with them foot still burns slightly but apart from that they are great. THe run wasn't any easier but I did it :) am already panicking about week 5 :(

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to quote 'the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy' - "DON'T PANIC"

I have just started week five and day one is not that bad (Not sure about run 2 yet) :-)

Glad the new shoes are helping, it is worth it if they help you feel better - try an ice pack on your foot, it may help. :-)


Trust in your shoes and Laura. You'll be fine.


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