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W3R1 with new shoes


Well.. after all of your advice on here I have had my gait analysed and bought some new shoes. I am the proud owner of a pair of ASICS gel kayanos. Having had a pain in my left leg... outerlower leg.. I hoped this might make some difference. Well... I did the run... hurrah... and my leg aches but not as badly as last week. I wonder whether I need to rest it bit more... but it was certainly better than before. Anyway... W3R1 in the bag. 😊

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Well done! I don't know anything about shoes but great if they felt better and the look good! I completed W3R1 yesterday too - felt amazing!

Good for you. I always feel good after a run if not during it!

Ooooh how exciting! They look fab, I hope they help with your leg pain.

I'm planning to go to Runner's Need in Exeter later today and do the gait analysis thing. 👟👟

Good luck!🏃‍♀️

limberlouGraduate in reply to Languid_Lil

Oooh I’d be interested to know how you get on as that is MY nearest gait analysis shop too.

I’m currently wearing Asics gel cumulus and Asics GT-1000s and I got on great with them both ... before my injury. I’ve been wearing the former whilst walking lately as they seem to support me nicely but I am looking about for a replacement pair to break in, before I actually need them. And I thought once I’m healed I’d go for gait analysis -just in case it’s affected my running style.

These will make all the difference, you should be in for a fun week

I hope so! I got new socks too!!!

Well done! I have Asics too and they are intensely comfortable :)


Nice shoes, great run. Keep going, aches are normal and if they’re not as bad as last time that’s a great sign

I hope so...😊 fingers crossed 🤞


It does take a few runs to adjust. My issues with knee and ankle were still felt into the second/third run with new shoes after gait analysis. Then nothing but comfort well over a year and a half later. Don’t forget to go and check your shoes again after a year or so. My Asics were meant to last approx 1200km but l only changed them after 1500 or so and they did feel a bit flat then.

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