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W4D1: Ended with wooden legs and cinder block feet — Ugh!

After what seemed like a really great progress with week 3, I was suddenly slapped back into reality with the 5-minute run of week 4. Amazing how an extra 2 minutes can rock your world. I spent the last two-and-a-half minutes of each 5-minute run feeling like my legs had turned into oak tree trunks that were cracking with every thug of my feet that had somehow turned into mammoth cobblestones. It was terrible. I kept telling myself, "Lighten up, relax, I can do it." My calves had tightened so much that I must have looked like the stone man from Marvel comics chasing down a super hero or something. Gotta get that under control or I'll need a scooter to get to the finish line of my first 5k.

I guess this is just like everything else. Like skydiving — I just kept telling myself that I could do it, I could jump out of the plane. Thousands and thousands of other people had done it, They had all lived to tell about it and so could I. And I did, and it was great!

Well, fortunately I can read all of your blogs of your journey before me and I keep telling myself I can do it, I can get through this week. One week at a time, right?! And stretch, stretch, stretch! :-)

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Where do your feet land? Under your hips, not out front, I hope. :-)

You're landing on the middle of the foot, too, I hope, not too far forward. :D

Ignore your speed... as Laura says (!), it's just a light jog. None of us are aiming to beat any speed records at the moment. Endurance/stamina is the key. Speed comes later (or at least I've been told so).


Thanks for your input.

I wish I could tell you where I'm landing. I'm definitely not landing on my heel. I'm trying to land mid-foot and I hope my alignment is correct. I've watched some You-Tube training videos and I'm trying to follow the techniques they suggest, but I haven't had anyone who know what they are doing watch and help me make adjustments. I do have a mirror propped next to my treadmill and it looks to me like I am doing okay.

I had gone to a local running store the other day to have a professional analysis. They do the whole treadmill video thing to help identify how you run and fit you into the perfect shoe. However, it was a beautiful Friday afternoon that brought out all the running geeks to the store. They were all trying on shoes and hopping on the treadmills to give them a test run. I was completely intimidated — there was no way I was getting on a treadmill in there that day! I'll get back this week.

I was hoping to get a new pair of running shoes with a little more cushion. The shoes I have are New Balance trail running shoes that I bought a few months ago for walking trails. They have great support and traction, but are very stiff and hard. There wasn't a thought in my head that I'd ever be running when I bought them. Ha!

I'm definitely not going for speed — especially on the first run of a new week. I learned my lesson with that on week 2! I could probably slow down a little, though.


I got some New Balance running shoes in week 2... such a difference. :-) They should be highly flexible, not stiff (= support and protection when hiking).

Get back to that store a.s.a.p. Geeks or no geeks, you need the proper shoes.

P.S. I agree with alcopop below... every week sounds scary, but once you're out there doing it, it's not so bad. Prepare your mind and half the battle's won.


I found that jump from week 3 to week 4 really difficult, but i did get there eventually...! I have to say it is nothing remotely like jumping out of a perfectly good plane! Wow...never in a million! :)


I was reading a few posts this morning and I did see a lot of comments about week 4 being a tough one. Week 2 was also tough for me, so I know I've just got to get through it.

Thanks for your comment!


I guess each week we all think that it is the hardest one, buy you know what you will do it and we are all behind you :-)


Hahaha — stop whining, right?! :-)


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