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Haha, week 5 you were no match for my stubbornness :-) Look out week 6!

So after a lot of anxiety over the last run of week 5, the day came and my panic was not helped by the awful heat we are having. I get up early to try and avoid the heat but as the night time low was in the mid 20s, it was a bit futile. So it was hot,and humid as it kept threatening to storm but never did.....and I'm meant to run for 20 mins.....hmmmmm

So I set off and while telling myself I can do it, I'm also telling myself that if I have to stop that is ok, just do my best and there are more days and more chances. After all no one would blame me for giving into heat. First 5 minutes and I'm thinking that I won't even get to the 8 minutes I'd done previously. This was feeling like a disaster.

Then this little sausage dog (dachshund thingy) comes leaping across the grass. We've met before this dog and I and it starts to run along with me. And perhaps it was heat stroke but I decided that if the dog with little legs could enjoy being out and was prepared to cheer me on then I'd grit my teeth and keep on.

And on I went, lapped by other runners and many many people on bikes (idle thoughts of changing exercise type crossed my mind :-) ) but trying to enjoy it. Ignored the blister starting as I knew if I stopped to check it I wouldn't beable to restart.

And then there were two minutes left. I hurt, I had a stitch (and a blister) and sweat was streaming of me. No little dog to cheer me on, just me and the footpath.......this was killing me. But if I stopped I'd have to do it again.......and then there was Laura telling me to slow to a walk :-)

I stopped - first time I've had to but I did and then I just smiled started the warm down walk and didn't stop smiling all the way home.

I have run for 20 minutes straight :-)

Bring it on week 6, you don't scare me! (And if you do I'll avail myself of all the canine support I can get! )

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Woo hoo that's fantastic!!! This run is such a major milestone and the challenge more mental than physical....well done you! I bet you are smiling for the rest of the day :) :) :) :)


Huge congratulations!

This run is a challenge without the added 'bonus' of heat and humidity!

A few kind words to the SOS dog when next you meet would be in order.

Well done.


Oh wow well done!! That's awesome. I'm off to do mine happy for you :) x


P.s. opposite weather here so I'm treadmill bound.


Hope your run went well :-)


It did :)


Very well done, it's hard work in the heat.

Treat yourself to some double-skinned running socks to avoid blisters - you've earned them ! ;-)


Wow brilliant well done to you, fantastic run. As it is icy and threatening to snow here am finding it hard to feel sorry for you running in the heat, but am sure that is as bad as running in the cold, have yet to run on a hot day but live in hope. Good luck with wk6 you can do it :-)


well done, you've passed the biggest hurdle of the programme and survived! :-D Have fun in week 6!


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