The Spencer Davis Group were so right with keep on running

Just got back in after doing the first run of week 8 a 28 minute run and it turned into the best run I have ever had since starting this.

Now that would have been the longest that I have ever run in my life, just like last week I had never run for 25 minutes before, certainly never run 28 minutes, so I kept on telling myself that it was only for 3 minutes longer.

At 24 minutes I found myself fast approaching the stile at the end of the bridleway which goes onto our road. Home is a left and about half a mile which is what I did last week or turn right takes me into our village in about 2 miles.

With nothing else to do today, I turned right and kept running until Laura told me to stop, but I just had that feel good feeling and everything just felt okay so I carried on running through the warm down section and a few more minutes in golden silence before heading home.

It was a shame to end it, but I know there will be another run in a couple of days from now.

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  • Brilliant post rob! And you're right about that song.....what a corker!

  • Thanks Dan, although it's now stuck in my head.

  • Yes, love that song too! Good rock tracks and a leafy trail help to inspire us to run.

    Happy running Rob. You're nearly there you know!

  • Yes I know just 5 more to go, although I ran a total of 32 mins this morning so I know its very very close.

  • Well done..and another mantra to consider is from memo but hange the words'just keep running,just keep running' good work!!

  • I meant Nemo the fish!!

  • Thanks, & Nemo yes I like it, although prefer to think of your original one pushing your body and punishing your body.

  • Yes ...I always use that one at the end when I have to push really hard, you need to get one that does it for you?

  • Yes I do and I can already think of a something which really does it for me.

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