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Gremlins got the better of me!

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Week 7 Run 1 I can't believe I let the gremlins in and 5 minutes in couldn't get into a rhythm, wasn't comfortable and kept telling myself I couldn't do it 😳 I'm so cross with myself. I could blame lack of sleep, poor hydration and other things but I know if I had not let those gremlins into my head I would have done it! I did run/ walk all the way round my usual circuit so at least I did something I guess πŸ™„

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Yes you did do something, you're right. You got out there.

It's really not at all uncommon for people to have a rubbishy run at this stage in the programme - sometimes they do complete the session but find it a really tough, disagreeable experience and sometimes they don't manage to sustain the run. I think the gremlins panic realising this is it, this is what you are going to be asking of yourself on a regular basis.

Sounds as though there were a few things tipping the balance the wrong way for you that you can sort for next time. I'd suggest that should you (and I rather suspect you won't) find yourself stopping running next time out, walk the whole of the rest rather than walking a bit and then running a bit more. Slow right down, go as loose as you can (watch for tight jaw and hands) take tiny steps, long breaths *out*

It's great you feel all cross and that you could have done it... 'cos you will, and very soon!


This was the stage where I had a few practice runs. I hadn't really had too many problems until this week so I did the same as you - continued to walk/run my circuit. It took me a few attempts to get on top of it but I just made myself run further before I found myself stopping and then all of a sudden it just clicked into place. As GoogleMe says - just relax as this will help with the breathing - I probably looked a fool running along shaking my arms out but it worked. Good luck with the next run.

Pizzola in reply to SC1472

Pleased it's not just me who does the arm shaking thing πŸ˜‚

Fairly certain it makes me look utterly mad, but it definitely helps!


You completed the circuit with running and walking included, that is something to be proud of. You could have easily just stopped and gone home!

I have just finished the second run of week 7 and the gremlins are definitely out and about. There was about a 5 minute period in the middle where I was in a good rhythm and breathing fine but either side was hell!

I definitely think it is to do with the lack of intervals, knowing that I can't stop once I've started is tough.

Pizzola in reply to LaurenS91

I'm at the same stage as you and also had an awful w7r2 this morning. It's the only time so far that I've really had to force myself to keep going. There must be something in the air!

LaurenS91Graduate in reply to Pizzola

I think the gremlins are out in force! I'm hoping the last run of week 7 will be smoother

I'm also finding this week tough going. Had a stern word with myself when I came home today. If you're anything like I was, running for 60 seconds a few weeks ago was a real killer. We've come a long way and the occasional bad run can't stop us now!

Thanks for your support everyone. I know I have to concentrate to keep my shoulders down so will think about my arms too. I'll keep positive- The next run WILL be better πŸ˜„

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