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Tortoise-brain wins the day - shame about the Garmin!

So, today was my first run for a fortnight, testing out the calf. I've been doing some sessions on my cross-trainer to keep myself active-ish, plus a few gentle exercises to strengthen my calf muscles.Having learned a lesson from my previous unsuccessful run, my plan was to run 5mins walk 5 mins, running at tortoise pace for no longer than 20 minutes in total.

Rather than go my usual route I decided to run around the quiet part of the cemetery (the bit where the dog walkers don't go!) which is only 5 minutes walk away. I set off at an extremely slow pace, probably the slowest I have ever run since I started the C25K because there's no point in rushing this. If I overdo it, I'm back to square one. A couple of times I found myself speeding up but forced myself to slow right down and I managed, I think, 3 sets before I felt that I'd done enough for the first day and so far, everything seems okay.

I say 'I think' because having got home and plugged in my Garmin, it seems to have died! No display, no nuffink! It was fine when I took it off, I heard it beep before it went into shut down mode, but having tried it in the laptop and plugged into the mains adapter it's just blank. Can't even switch it on. I've had a few problems before with it not connecting but after jiggling it around it's always connected eventually.

I'll leave it plugged in for a bit and see if it decides to come back to life, otherwise it'll be back to Burrows I suppose.

Anyway, I'm pleased that I've managed to get out at last and will do the same again on Wednesday and try to build back up slowly.

EDIT: No sooner posted than Garmin sprang back to life! Errmmm..... not sure how or why but pleased it's back with me!

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Well done on getting out there again and being so sensible about it. Your quite right to take things steady its better for your recovery in the long run (pardon the pun).

My Garmin did the same a couple of months ago and this wonderful site solved the problem when Garmin had not managed!!! All I had to do was press the light button until the screen activated again, simples when you know how!!!

Good luck for your next run and hope all stays OK after it. :)


Well done on a sensible run.

Worrying to hear your comments about the Garmin... am considering getting one, but if they're not reliable/user friendly...? Are there other brands out there aside from Garmin?


I think it depends what you want it for. I have a Garmin Etrex 30 which I use for hiking (after getting lost in the mountains!) - but I don't find it particularly user-friendly and the screen is small. Basecamp is useful (free Garmin software for the pc) to plot your runs though.

For running, I prefer the apps available on smart phones (eg. RunKeeper, MapMyRin, iRunner, etc),


Thanks for info... something good for both running and hiking would suit me fine.

Will look into the apps.


I love/hate my Garmin, sometimes both on the same day! It is great when it works - I can see how fast I'm going, how far I've gone and how long I've run for. When I get home it tells me all sorts of other interesting things. However, my personal issue is that it can take an age to find its satellite - and if it finds the satellite too quickly it sometimes switches off and loses it again before I start the timer. I lost 4 1/2 mins off a run yesterday because of this :x

I'm sure there are other brands out there (Polar?) but I haven't seen many remarks about them here. Garmin is definitely the most popular. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the info.

Just spoke to my marathon-running friend. She only uses her Garmin during races, so she's going to lend it to me for a test run.

Am expecting serious satellite problems, however. She says even clouds (!) have affected reception in the past.


Good to see you back running Dottie-May - and what self control to keep it slow. Very sensible and I'm keeping fingers crossed that there are no ill-effects and this is the start of your come-back!


Thank you! It was so good to be back running again - it actually shocks me just how much I missed it and how much I really do enjoy it! ;-D

It did take some self control to keep the speed down but I know I have to or I might be spending another few weeks on the sidelines.

Generally, I love my Garmin and apart from a few niggles like not always connecting immediately or the odd time it's lost the satellite, it's been great. What happened today was a bit more worrying as even holding down the light button didn't work to start with. However, after about half an hour of leaving it plugged in, I tried the button again - and there it was! Phew! At least I now know what to do should it happen again.


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