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Well I've only been and gone and done it!!!!


:) After months of trying to get back to my running after a serious chest infection last October which took me nearly 2 months to recover from. Today the sun was shining, the air wasn't quite so cold and after having been for a walk at lunch time I came home, plugged my faithful Garmin in to charge, plugged my sexy little pink iPod Nano in to charge too. By 3.15pm hubby said "do you want a coffee"? - No I'm going for a run/walk whatever I can manage after nearly 5 months of abstinence.

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It wasn't fast, it wasn't very long but overall 4.6K in just under 40 minutes, the Garmin shows my running which was 3.5K in 27 minutes. A new year's PB ;) well OK my only run for this year, but it will not be my last. I'm pleased to say I'm back :)

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Those chesty colds were awful. It took me weeks to shake one off. I've just come back from an afternoon run - never done one before. You've done really well after so many weeks out of the game. Great time!

Hope you manage many more runs this year!


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Thanks Beek you are always so very supportive to many on here. My fitness has improved greatly since New Year having been going to the gym and doing classes too. I don't think my fitness was too much of a problem it was just the cold air hitting my lungs, crikey it was painful whenever I even tried walking briskly. On the up and up now I hope.


Glad you are back on the run and weather hopefully now improving. Look after yourself Old Girl.


That's a pretty good result after all that time off.

Welcome back!


Ah that's great after 5 months! As a newbie,I have enjoyed reading your replies and sound advice and hadn't realised that you were out of action for that time. Hope you enjoy good health and many more runs x

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Thank you no-excuse its been a long hard struggle for sure but hopefully things are looking up now :)

That's fantastic oldgirl ! Glad your back . I'll be doing the same now I've finished my rota at work for the week ,first in 9 wks . Lovely weather you had for it too . Well done & take care


Woohoo. Back with a vengeance. There are lots who say they got a bad chest infection when they started running. This could be due to training hard, so the body's defences are initially weaker. Running in winter can also cause problems for the throat and nasal passage. May be the body is also getting rid of the build up of germs in the lungs.

Enjoy many more pb's oldgirl.

You are an inspiration oldgirl. SO glad your 'back'.


Great to hear you are back to the running again after such a long time of necessary abstinance and with a good time too!

Welcome back and enjoy your running.

That's wonderful news and welcome back to running!


That is brilliant - I did worry when you hurt your ankle but here you are. I bet you feel great.

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Yes my heel was a problem and took a few weeks to sort, but use gel heels under my insoles and had a whole week of rest while visiting my family in Shropshire seemed to do the trick finally. Have to say too the rollering using a tennis ball and golf ball although a bit unpleasant was also beneficial. No pain no gain as they say :)


That's brilliant news! I bet you're chuffed to bits to be back on the road


That's such good news! So glad you are back into the big outdoors- enjoy your running


That's great, Oldgirl, it must have been so frustrating for you. On the plus side, you missed all the rubbish weather!


So happy for you Oldgirl, you got back in the trainers and you did yourself and all of us proud to come back from being that unwell.

Just don't rush take it easy and mind the bad weather.


Well done, what a comeback! Hope you're feeling good and that you can get back to regular runs now


Good to know that you are back out doing what you love. Best wishes and Good luck.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Whooooo. Good for you. I have been 'crawling up the wall' with a 10 day rest period, so you have done fantastic to get through 5 months, and get back out there. And after all that time, that is a respectable distance and time.

Excellent news. And I love your reply hubby's offer of coffee :)


Well done!!! I have been struggling since October. Couple of weeks of for holiday and dropped from running an hour to about 15 mins and can't pick up. Must be in my head . Am still trying to go out a couple of times a week but today wk 5 run 2 nearly killed me, and the thought of trying 20 mins seems completely impossible You have given me hope to keep going


Many, many thanks to each and everyone who has taken the time to reply to my post.

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