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Graduate- walks on water!


Hello everyone!

I did my last run last night! I've been finding Week 9 not to much of a struggle and I've recently invested in a Garmin GPS Watch. I was aiming to hit 5 k in 30 minutes. I had a brilliant, speedy run, and when I finished I was convinced I'd made it.

Then I went home, plugged in my watch and found this....

My Garmin had mapped my running straight across a lake! Not only that it had cut off a corner of my run meaning my logged run was much shorter than in real life! Last night I was furious! But I have now come to see the funny side and thought you might too :D

I have contacted Garmin support however, I'd rather not become a regular water-runner.

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Well, I think graduates of this programme just about do walk on water! Congratulations. Don't forget to ask for your shiny graduate badge!

emkeenanGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Hehe! I did think finishing Week 9 was fairly miraculous but not to this extent!

I have just requested my badge and will be wearing it with pride.


Haha, I share your pain! When I checked my route, it had me , briefly, running down a road that I never go down! Also, when I dropped my armband and had to go back to fetch it, that wasn't logged. Even so, you have done brilliantly, so give yourself a big pat on the back! :)

emkeenanGraduate in reply to Treemouse

Oh technology- such a love hate relationship we have with it! And thank you, I was pleased with myself, then disappointed, and I'm working my way back to pleased!


That's so funny, but SO frustrating too !! You oviously zipped around the corner too fast between GPS fixes and it has extrapolated from your last known point. Lets face it you did a great run, you know you did, s.d the technology !!

emkeenanGraduate in reply to Hidden

Ha, too fast for those satellites! And thanks, I do know, and I'm sure I'll do it again.


Congratulation on your graduation -a great achievement. Are you absolutely sure you didn't walk on that water?

emkeenanGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Ha thank you! The swans keep it fairly well guarded but you never know what might have happened- I was 'in the zone'.


Hiya, I hadn't before, but I have now. Sadly there is no change. I know what you mean about the maps getting sketchy if you zoom in too much but this looks the same irrelevant of how near/ far I go :( I'm hoping the Garmin team can shed some light on what's gone wrong and if it will happen again.


My Endomondo isn't finding the gps signals either lately, it gets frustrating when you get home and find out half or all of you run was not counted.

emkeenanGraduate in reply to shivashinn

So very annoying, especially when you have specific goals.

This happened to me with map my run once which is why I moved to runkeeper. It suddenly did a crazy zig zag thing and told me I'd run about 4 times further than I had. I was so furious as I was on a good time prior to the problem that my phone went flying across the room. Once calm I did see the funny side but the 2 km per minute it credited me with messed up a tonne of my stats.

PS my badge has gone! perhaps they know I've not been out much recently....


That's priceless. Anyway, well done!


Looks as if you are triathlon material!! Well done and hard luck. It would have been nice to have your triumph accurately recorded.

Keep running, keep smiling.

emkeenanGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Ha Triathlon material indeed! I've come to the slow realisation that if I ran like this once I'll do so again, it was just at the time this one felt like a special achievement.


I had a reply from Garmin. Apparently the software on my watch was outdated and they helped me to update. I bought the watch off e-bay and the last owner must not have updated it. Hopefully there will be no more walking on water for a while :)

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