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I know I shouldn't have, but I just ran a 5K!!!

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I just had to post as I am absolutely buzzing! I have just run a 5K race!

I know I shouldn't have, as it should have been Wk7R3, so 25 minutes. That was the plan. Well, I saw an advert for a local 5K race, which was aimed at all levels on the night I was due to run. After assurances that there would be lots of walk/runners, I decided to go along, follow the podcast and walk the rest. After my last run, where I couldn't manage without a short walk, I thought the change of scenery and other runners would help buoy me up.

Well I arrived, registered and waited for the expected local group of walk/runners. They didn't. So I decided I'd just carry on, but my podcast wouldn't work. So I set my timer to 25 minutes to use instead, which took me to approx 3.5k. With everyone still running, and me being pretty much at the back, I decided to just carry on for a bit.

Well, a short 30second walk and 38m38s later, I was at the finish line! I came second to last, and some lovely runners came back to finish the last 1/2k with us stragglers, but I did it!!

I know I need to go back to the plan, and will start Wk8 to the end religiously, but I feel so amazed that I can do the distance. Not in 30minutes, but knowing I can do it without keeling over is an amazing feeling. I now know that I will get there, I will finish the programme, and that disappointing runs (last run) don't ruin the future.

I just had to share. :-D

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Awesome! That was inspirational. I have no doubt I'd have done the same and come hell or high water I'd have finished it. W8 won't know what's hit it!!!

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Well done! I hope @oldfloss goes easy on you as you’ve promised to stick to the plan from now on...😉

I will - promise! 🙂

Well done, you are right to go back to the plan, I am sure you have more than enough confidence to finish the plan now, see you in a few weeks for your graduation badge. 😀

This is my third attempt at C25K, never moving beyond week three. I WILL graduate! 🙂

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I don't see anything wrong with an achievable one-off challenge. Its amazing you went for it and I'm glad you did it, 39 minutes is a sweet first attempt. Keep it up till the end! :-)

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You’re a runner - it’s official!

What a great guilty pleasure hahaha

That's fantastic!

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This is amazing!!! Well done xx

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Brilliant!! Well done😊

Naughty naughty but well done you

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Congratulations! I did 5k for run 3 of week 7, 8 and 9 in the ParkRun and it pushed me on loads! Well done!

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