We did it!

We did it!

Glorious sunshine, plus a bit of frost first thing: great day for our first public 5k.

Daughter dropped me off early enough to be able to walk the dogs and let them have a pee and a poo, as well as walk briskly enough after for me warm up.

I didn't use the app, so no voices in my head, but I did set a timer on my phone for 20 minutes, so I could jog then see how I felt.

I felt great during those 20 minutes. The leaves were crisp under foot, the sun was shining, it was actually pretty warm in the sunshine, a couple of the other runners and I even managed a bit of conversation as we ran through the woods. I *cough* was quicker than a few people...

Thr alarm went off, and I fell over as the beagle chose that exact moment to stop for a wee! A pair of runners close behind slowed down and checked I was okay, which yes, fine :D

Maybe a minute into my 5 minute walk I saw the 3k marker. Joy! Also: Wow, really???

We were definitely heading down hill now, albeit on a very shallow gradient so when my 5 mins was up, off I jogged again. Both dogs were definitely on board with this idea.

The finish line was in earshot and we were still running. Had to slow down to negotiate the sudden, steep, short path that took us to the last couple of hundred yards.

SPRINTED* to the finish.

*We got faster, that totally counts as a sprint in my book.


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  • Wow, sounds like you got the pacing and walk breaks perfect today. What a result. Well done!

  • Beginner's luck, I expect. I do feel very proud of the girls though, they did a cracking job!

  • Well done! Sounds as if it went very well!

  • Thanks! It went better than I was expecting. 😊

  • Ahhh yes!! Sprint finish! Well done, that's a smashing time.

  • Thank you! My bib number was 4647, before we set off I was joking that it was an invitation to finish faster than that πŸ˜‰

  • Well done you!

    Sounds like you even managed to enjoy it :)

  • I absolutely did enjoy it 😊

  • Congratulations- brilliant time!

  • Thank you!

  • Yup, speeding up at all is a sprint in my book. Sounds like it went really well.

  • We had a great day, except-- late last night I couldn't find my trainers. I think I drove away from my daughter's with them on the roof of my car 😦 she and her OH are out looking for them now, bless them.

  • Oh dear, that's not good! Hope they can find them for you.

  • Me too, they're the only pair I have.

  • Fingers crossed Maddee

  • Well done you! a 5k, Brighton and the beautiful sunshine! Perfect!

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