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Longest run so far!

Went out today, full of trepidation,after being ill for a while. Forgot to take Laura again, she really is getting lazy...... Anyway, managed twenty eight minute jog, against all the odds.Won the mind game by carrying on up a short incline at the end. Very pleased.

Hope I don't have a heart attack watching the game this pm. Come on Wales! The underdogs who are still going....bit like me!

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Hi Nomi. Many years ago, when I was a lad, there was a band called "Sutherland Brothers and Quiver" (don't know why they chose that name ...) who had a great track "Champion The Underdog". If you think you're the underdog, I think you're the Champion!

Keep up the good work.

PS also as a lad my best mate's dad was Welsh. Taught me to swear in Welsh. Fortunately for the C25K blog I didn't learn how to spell it. But if Wales don't win, I'll shout it out loud!


Thanks Malcy, happy running.


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