It was bright and sunny with a flawless sky as I looked out of my bedroom window. A sneaky smile crept across my boat race as I thought of this mornings run. I'd proudly announced to Mrs Dan the night before that I was going to run 8K today so the delicious weather seemed to beckon me outside.

I pulled on my brand new pair of Valentines Day present running tights that Mrs Dan had bought me. They've got a glorious orange go faster stripe down each leg and as they clung to my legs, bum and other things I was wondering how today would go. Oscar and Tallulah stuck their tails in the air and meeowed at me to hurry the **** up and feed them their breakfast. They're such selfish cats. So I popped downstairs, opened a packet of chicken flakes in jelly and sorted them out before whizzing some vegetables in my juicer. I chomped on 5 big dates and enjoyed their sweetness, hoping they would supply me with enough energy on todays "big one". I pulled on and laced up my Brooks, pulled on my black beanie and stuck my shades on to shield my eyes from the gleaming sun. Started Endomondo on my phone and off I went.

The first K was going well when a beautiful blonde lady runner with a bouncy bobbing pony tail went past me like a Ferrari. I noticed her running gait - landing on her toes as she sprung along at a pace I can only dream of. I watched the pony tail until it disappeared round the corner as I started the 2nd K. I was keeping track of any pains and niggles in my legs and wished the heck I could go on a run and have ZERO niggles! My left calf was buzzing a bit but not enough to make me stop. I pressed on and reached the river at the end of the 3rd K. There were so many runners out and dog walkers because it really was a glorious day and I jogged as best I could feeling slightly jealous of the many "good" runners that passed me by, looking like professionals on an Olympic track. I must look like an old man shuffling along - and I'm only 50! Still, at least I was out there doing it eh?

The river looked resplendent in the sun with it's many boats bobbing up and down. I was doing well, but now the left leg calf pain had gone and was replaced by a right leg shin pain! "Bloody hell!" I thought. It wasn't too bad, but a niggle nonetheless. 5K.........6K.......the legs were still going, my breathing was fine and my upper body felt great. "Should I stop and have a stretch?" I thought. I didn't want to be stubborn about this, cos it is so easy to just keep going. "To hell with this! I'm stopping to stretch!" So around 6.5K I stopped for 45 seconds and leant against a brick wall and stretched my glutes and calves. God it felt good! My super stretchy running tights were coping brilliantly with the stretch and before long I was off again.

7K........I was gonna go another kilometre because I'd said I would. I didn't want to let myself, my wife or my country down so I kept on. Amazingly there was still something in my legs and I ran on and on and eventually decided to fish the phone out of my pocket, just to see how far there was to go. It read "7.5K" so not too far to go. Push...push...push....not far now Dan......come on you lycra clad God.......8K.....YESSSSSS!!!!! I'd done it!

Walked home with a big grin on my face and couldn't wait to announce to Mrs Dan that I was indeed triumphant! She was very complimentary and laughed at my story of passing someone I knew, as I was running along the Thames at Twickenham, but because of my black beanie and dark glasses (and of course revealing leg wear) the person didn't recognise me! I mean, you can't stop for a chat when you're out on a run can you for gawds sake!!?? Plus this person goes on a bit once she starts talking........you get the picture...

As I lay in my jacuzzi I thought about how I'm getting closer to that 10K distance which I said I could never do. But I'm in no mad rush. I'll take my time.

You know what they say.........Slowly slowly catchy monkey....


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18 Replies

  • Really super well done Day-Z - as always a great read and fantastic imagery. You also listened to your body and doing what feels right - good advice for us all!

    I now have to follow up your post- not blessed with anywhere near the gift of the writing gab as you :-)

  • Thanks SuziB. It's not a gift......I just don't know when to shut up!!

  • well done good luck getting to 10 k

  • Cheers Moger. Appreciate that.

  • Nice one Dan! Sounds like you had a great run. Inspires me to keep at it! x

  • DO! Keep at it. I am proof that it's worth it!!

  • Great post DZ as usual; sounds like a great run again, love the incognito hiding from the possible conversationalist; and that the tights fit the bill! You'll soon be smashing the 10km's out, and will have longer tales to entertain us with!

  • You betch-yo-buns!

  • Well done dan excellent work ! & that bit about passing people u know while running , the times I've done that & chuckled to my self on doing it . U certainly haven't time for long chats on a run . Keep up the good work

  • I think if I'd stopped and talked to my chatty pal she'd have had a heart attack, cos she knows me as a couch potato!! NOT ANYMORE!

  • Seems we all got a lovely day today wherever we were. You are not alone with T & O demanding breakfast before you go on your run, I think Paws likes me going running as he know he will get fed before I leave - nothing as sumptuous as your two - he is on his reducing diet food for life - and stringently measured on the kitchen scales!! Worse though is the fact that I think he might pop out whilst I am away, only to get home and find him asleep in the chair.

  • Cats eh? Gotta love 'em!

  • Good run Dan; 10K soon. If you can do 8 you can deffo do 10. Go for it. Leave them in your dust!! :)

  • Ooooh, you have way too much confidence in my OldNed! I'm going for it.....but slowly.....

  • fabulous...see?... in one months' time, you and your spray on Freddy Mercury stylie running tights will see you up to that elusive 10k...just you wait!!!

  • Spray on wouldn't be tight enough in my book! But I'm gonna try and see if by my birthday (31st march) I can doooooooooooo it!!

  • Ok then... Get some 3 sizes too small, and go for it... Find your inner Rhino... And DO IT... I expect a blog on the 31st describing what you and your Rhino did on your 10k birthday safari :)

  • Sounds a fab run. I had that awkward moment with an old acquaintance walking towards me in full 'arms-outstretched-smiling-let's-chat' mode today.... It was W6R2 just half way thru the first 10 mins... And it was at an uphill bit...What to do? I pinned the blame on Laura. ... Pointed at my ear bud things and gasped "Can't stop, got this woman telling me what to do!" and shuffled past. She looked a bit put out. Am about to txt her and apologise. These non runners must find it hard to grasp our priorities!!

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