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Day One!

Hello everybody, I'm starting today. I will be completing my first run today and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be running the Portsmouth Race for Life 5k and want to run the lot this time so hoping this programme can get me there. I have also just joined Weight Watchers and have 3 stone to lose so this can only help. What goals do you all have?

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Well done for getting started!!

I did the same, this time last year, to get ready for the Oxford RfL, and I WISH I'd found this forum then. It's such a great place with so many supportive and friendly people.

Enjoy your first run! You may well find it hard, but remember - the hardest bit of the whole programme is getting out there for that first run!

Let us know how you get on :-)


Well done for getting started. It is a brilliant programme that works, just have faith. :-)

Let us know how you're doing.


Brilliant, the first step is the hardest, and it's all counting down from there.


Congrats for starting; I began a couple of weeks after I started WW, seemed a good plan to get thinner, fitter and healthier by my 50th in November this year. My weight loss has been slow but steady, currently 22lbs gone, Had an enforced months break from running after daughter wrote off her car with me as back seat passenger, then had a unrelated operation which was a disaster, got infected, blah blah; but found I only had to redo 2 runs to get back to where I had left off; then stayed determined through the winter to get to the end, graduated in February and did first Parkrun last week!

I feel so much fitter for having done the C25K and it has definitely helped change my shape/cm's lost... I still have a long way to go (about 4 stone, say it quickly and it doesn't seem so bad!), and that it probably why I am sat here with sore knees after last nights 3.56mile run - but the running was going so well, no stopping even on the hills, and breathing easy...

I always expect to have to put up with sore knees/legs as they are carrying a heavy load around and being pushed to the extreme!

Good luck on your journey, keep blogging and you'll get fantastic support on here! :-)


Welcome and hope you enjoy it all (well, most of it anyway - everyone has some tough bits here and there!)

I've done a 5k Race for Life at a walk before (well, I did run for a minute a few times), but this year I know I'll be running it, as I've now managed 5k four times since I graduated 4 weeks ago. It really does work. :)


Well done for getting started. I too have signed up for Race for Life at Southport and I REALLY hope I will be able to run it. This is a great place to come for encouragement and someone has always an answer to a problem. Most people say that it is such a good programme it WILL work it is just having the faith in yourself and mind over matter. Good luck and keep us all posted.


Same as you, 3 stone to lose and aiming to take part in a 5k. Good luck with your venture ??


Thank you all for your comments. I'm pleased somebody mentioned sore knees, I wondered if it was just my weigh that makes them sore? You are all very inspiring, can't imagine running up hills just yet!

The first run went remarkably well, i seemed to manage well with it despite having wind and rain in my face. I'm going out next on Sunday and actually really looking forward to it.


Hi Alison

You've done the right thing with the WW and the Couch 2 5 K programme. I think you need to run every other day though rather than leaving a long gap between runs. If you follow Laura's podcasts she will tell you this. If you follow her exact instructions she'll get you through the programme and ready to run your 5 k

I think sore knees are just new runners knees. I was the same but feel fine now. Got some new running shoes though which helped.


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