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Day One (Reprised)

So having started out last Thursday on WK1 I then had too many days off due to family committments and illnesses so decided to rerun WK1R1 today. Last week I managed. Just.

Today I really struggled and had to stop halfway through the second run interval as my ankle seized up. I walked the rest of way and just about managed to do the last run at the end. Really hoping my ankle is ok for Saturday as I don't want to go as long as last time and want to start properly with the programme. Feeling pants at the moment and worried that my old and decrepit body is not up to task.

I understand it does get easier but as I'm struggling to set a decent pace just walking I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to run more than 60 seconds at a time. It doesn't seem to be a general fitness issue (yes I get out of breath but I can do it) - more my ankles (or the front of my ankles/feet) and my inability to lift my feet more than 2 inches from the hard ground!

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Lifting your feet 2" is absolutely fine! And please do not concern yourself with the pace.Take it as easy and as slowly as you need to, there is nothing to be gained by trying too hard and you are more likely to hurt yourself.

What sort of footwear do you have - are your shoes supporting your feet? Also, make sure they're not tied to tightly - sounds silly but it can cause problems.

You're just starting out so be gentle on yourself! Most of us find the first couple of weeks really tough but it does get easier...well, a bit easier!!


Thank you. I think my trainers are ok - they seem to be comfortable and cushion my feet well. I will check if they are too tight though - didn't think about it to be honest.

I think I may just have weak ankles, or to be more precise a weakness in that area where the foot and ankle meet at the top/front of the foot because that's where the pain was and whenever I am run down or very tired it always aches in this area.

I'm wondering if the problem was I didn't warm up properly today as it was bloody freezing this morning - maybe this added to my ankle woes?


Jeannag, congratulations at getting back out there running, as dottiemay said be gentle on yourself ... you are doing well if you are out there, it took me until week 4 that it didn't matter what speed I was doing, as long as I kept moving for the time needed. I also got my running shoes at that time as my shins where starting to play up and my feet were rolling in when running, so straining legs and ankles. Once that was sorted and once I loosened my laces (yes it did cause me a real problem, the pains in my feet, legs and ankles was excruciating) running got easier.

So hang on in there and keep going you can do it :)


Thank you. I'm going to have a look at running in the park next time out see if it's any easier than the pavement, which seems to be very unforgiving!

I may look a bit nuts just running in circuits around the local park but who cares? The 5 minutes walk to warm up actually takes me as far as the park so it may become my hallowed turf!


The hallowed turf bit works for me. I thought I would be embarrassed when I first started - it was January so anything after 4.30 was in darkness - but then it just became something I did. No one cares, no one laughs and lots of folk smile. You'll surprise yourself with how much easier it gets and how much better better you feel every time.


Thank you. The ankle is feeling ok today (hubby was on hand last night with the voltarol and magic massage hands) so now I'm looking forward to getting out tomorrow. Definitely going to try the park now the evenings are getting lighter too! Yay!


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