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Week 3 Run 2

Second run of the week at the gym again, well you have to take advantage of weeks free pass don't you? Didn't wear my compression socks today and once again got a little bit of calf tightening. The run was fine, really looking forward to next week! I took a sneaky peak and it seems to really step a notch in week 4, but I feel ready.

After my run, I went on the bike and cycled for 30 mins and covered 10.5km which was really pleasing. Then came home and ate a really lovely curry that my partner had cooked.

Back down the gym on Saturday for final run of the week.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Stick with it.

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Julie you are same stage as me, I dd my W3R2 yesterday. Doing all mine outdoors sadly, can't afford cost of gym (money and time) so jealous you can do some indoors!

Keep at it, I am amazed how I have done so far, though I am the world's lowest runner


Well done you, it gives you such a sense if achievement crossing off the weeks doesn't it.


You're doing great to have enough energy left to do some biking right after. I don't know anything about tight calves, hope you get it sorted out.


crikey!! you had enough energy for a bike ride after your run!! thats brilliant going. I can tell you're going to have no problem with getting to graduate :-)

nothing like a nice curry made by someone else as a reward for all your hard work :-)

good luck for your next run

ali :-)


Well done Julie - I'm not sure I could face a gym and all those fit people with me puffing and panting!

Where did you get your compression socks from?

Good luck for Saturday :)


I got my socks from Aldi when they had all their running gear in, not sure if they are proper compression socks as these seem to start at about £8 and go upwards from there. But the Aldi ones work for me. They definitely seem to make a difference to me. The reason I didn't wear them on my last run was as I was running on the treadmill in the gym and wore shorts and thought they would look a bit funny, but I might have to bite the bullet and just look a bit silly so my calfs don't tighten up when running.

Best wishes to you and to auntie Ali thank you. Julie


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