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sencond run of week 3, and it felt good. :)

a little while ago someone told me to suck a polo whilst running- (cause i kept getting a really dry mouth) and it totally works. so that helps me alot. my recovery is getting a lot better too. but i have to be honest i still havent been bitten by the running bug yet- i was kinda hopeing i would just fall in love with running and wanting to go for the runs would come naturally, but it hasnt yet. is anyone else feeling the same way?? once i start running im fine its just getting motivated to go to the running track. xx

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Maybe the answer is in your last sentence? Where do you run? I'm lucky to have some disused railway/cycle paths near me as well as a small park. using the same route and the same 400m of track may dull your motivation.


I'm 7 months into it and haven't learned to "love" it yet. I do find I love the challenges and the sense of achievement I feel after a run though. Very well done and wishing you a Fab next run! Gayle


fair point walney, but im not a confident runner yet. once i know i can run 10-20 mins straight then i wont mind running round my local park/village. but right now, the running track is always empty so no-one can see me. lol

but thanks for your coments xx


I understand your concerns my first few weeks running were all at night wearing a hat. I even had a moustache to hide behind through the whole of november!


i dont think its the boring-ness of the track that doesnt motivate me, i just dont have much self condidence so i feel out of my comfort zone when running therefore its always hard for me to get motivated :/

did you have a moustache for movember or just personal choice??

my brother did movember, i had to pay him a £ every time i insulted him or told a moustache joke!! lol it became a small fortune but it was worth it hehehe x


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