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Starting to enjoy my running and have not found it hard up to now. I know it's gonna get a whole lot harder though! At the moment my biggest challenge seems to be getting my new sports bra on in less than 10 minutes! I feel like I have done a run just getting it on and fastened!

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You may be surprised, in not necessarily finding it physically harder, but becoming more of a mental challenge. Most people don't look forward to the following week but, generally, find it not to be as bad as they thought, as the body quickly gets used to what you're doing and adapts to be able to do more. I started hitting mental determination problems around Week 6 or definitely 7, got to W8R3 and got injured, so that's me done for now. I was physically able to do the distance of 28 mins for Week 8 but it was a psychological battle for me - the closer I got to the end (knowing I was closer to home) the more I wanted to just pack in and start walking.

Good luck and don't fear the following week from the one you are doing, just respect the increase in time running, pace yourself, enjoy the experience and keep going!

(I'm afraid I can't help with sports bra issues though... :) )

Running66Graduate in reply to Hidden

Ta for that. Sorry about your injury.

Running66Graduate in reply to Hidden

Take my word for it donning the sports bra is a real physical challenge!


Hah! The sports bra. Essential equipment for us ladies but what a nightmare! I use the crop top variety but find them really difficult at get off at the end of a run when I am all hot and sweaty. Well done for your progress so far.


You've really made me laugh Running66. I know exactly what you mean. Well done with your progress to date. Good luck!

Running66Graduate in reply to AncientMum

And to you too. Thank you.

I do my bra up at the front and then swivel it round if that makes sense, I can't be doing with the gymnastic routine to get those little catches all done up from behind me, do my normal bra like that as well.

Well done on your progress.

Running66Graduate in reply to spoonierunning

I've tried that and it doesn't work with the Bodyshocker bra cos it's got a racer back that also has a fastener. Think I might be near to mastering it, but I have to stand on my head to do it! Ha ha!

spoonierunningGraduate in reply to Running66

Lol mine is panache sport bra and has a clip to turn it into a racer back if I want, much easier.

We really do suffer with these things don't we


Well done for getting the second run of week 3 out of the way. Seems to me you are making really good steady progress. The bra......sounds like Houdini in reverse! Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Ha ha! That really made me laugh. Ta

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