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Graduation run complete and some more interesting facts !

Well, I find them interesting, to celebrate my final run on the couch to 5k plan, i went to Sutton Park (largest urban park in Europe),I have confined myself to fairly flat routes through my couch to 5K, but todays was more hilly, you can see the route here the run resulted in 98 meters up and 98 meters down. But I stormed it, and feel great.

If you a newbie and just starting, let me tell you where I was on the 1st Jan, I was 15 stone and in the Doctors feeling ill, high cholesterol and all sorts of aches and pains. 1st of Jan was a kick up the ass I needed, I changed my diet and started this program, I have also started swimming on my rest day from running, no every day, or I wouldn't get a rest :)

I have lost 22 1/2 pounds, I set a target weight of 13 stone, which is border line at the top end of normal on the BMI scale, my BMI was 28.75 it is now down to 25.65 (25 is the top of normal)

I am back at the doctors at the start of April to get my cholesterol rechecked, i will update on this blog when i get it.

I have also completely changed my diet, I have rather than gone on a diet, changed my diet, I juice a load (1 litre) of veg and fruit every morning, and drink it through the day with a healthy evening meal, This week I have gone on a 7 day juice fast , so just juice for the next 5 days (i'm 2 days in) I have blogged all of this here

So anyone can do it :)

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Wow and congratulations! You're an inspiration.

I too started with a high BMI and scary cholesterol levels... now almost finished week 5. I'm waiting til graduation to see the effect of c25k + swimming.

A veggie since 1985, I gave up smoking at Xmas...

I'll check out your juice blog.

Once again, congratulations on seeing it through!


Thanks, I gave up smoking 22 years ago, so keep it up, I have also given up






So everything I formerly liked ;) but am not missing


CONGRATULATIONS on the Graduation and Weight loss! AWESOME! :-) Gayle


Thanks :)


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