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One Run to go and I have a stinky cold :(

I have loved this program, I am one of those people who needs structure and a goal.

At week 2 I have little faith I would get this far, I have never run, I have tried a number of times before, but without that structure, it has come to nothing.

I made it through week 9 run 2 yesterday, I thought after the first 5 minutes, there is no way I will finish this, But! I was slower than my previous couple of runs, and I kept to a flat route around the town, and felt over the moon when i had completed.

I think I will do week 9 again next week, and then look to get to 10k, i have another goal now, I have entered the Great Midlands fun run, a hilly (well looks hilly to me) 8.5 mile run on the 2nd of June, I am running for the National Autistic society, if you would like to sponsor me my page is here

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I hope you feel better for your Graduation run! Well done in setting a future goal, I'm sure you will ace it! :-) Good luck!! :-) Gayle


Good luck for your graduation run, and those longer distances afterwards. :)


right behind you .. so enjoy your graduation run :)


Thanks for the comments guy's cold kicked and graduation run blasted :)


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