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W5R2 complete!

Can't believe how well I managed this run. I really surprised myself with the first 8 min I could have kept going when I was told to stop. Really surprised at this as I thought I would struggle with the 8 min run.

Feel really great now, I am starting to really love running. I feel an addiction coming on.

I also feel a little more hopeful for run 3 but still scared eek! 20mins! I'm sure I could manage 10 but I will not give up :-D

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Well done. I hope to be reporting the exact same thing this time tomorrow. There's a lot of hype about the 20 min thing, but if you look at the figures, it's only 4 minutes more than the run you've just done and, as you yourself have said, "I could have kept going when I was told to stop". Just a pace thing, I suppose. Hey ho, we'll find out soon enough.



I'm sure you will. Enjoy your run tomorrow night and keep me posted with how you find it.


Well done. :-) I did the first run of week 5 today, it was brutal but more to do with the weather than the run. Looking forward to Wednesdays run kinda sorta. LOL So Fridays run is going to be 20 minutes eh! Wow, now I'm nervous. LOL

Good luck both of you. :-)


You will do fine on Wednesday I'm sure of it. 20 mins does sound scary but loads of people have done it before us so we can do it too :-)

Let us know how you get on on Wednesday.


My wife and I completed run 3 on Saturday and felt all the same emotions beforehand.

If you settle into the same routine and rhythm, get your breathing right and take it nice and slowly you'll be able to continue for the 20mins....honestly!

Good luck!


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