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Week 2 - the rerun continues!

Well I did week 1 on Saturday and yesterday my knee was fine so I decided to do week 2 today. I'm only doing one run for each week until I reach a stage where my fitness doesn't cope or my knee. I know everyone says I shouldn't have lost much fitness and I must say the runs have been easy but I need to ease my knee back into this and I have been out of it for 8 weeks.

Anyway, as for all of you in the UK, the weather was what you might call chilly. Horizontally blowing snow and evil wind but I was determined to go. It was not a pleasant run, more for the fact I also have raging tooth ache and apparently need a root canal filling! (I hate dentists, very frightened, so much so I hadn't been for 20 years up until 18 months ago and cry like a 5 year old when I get in the chair!) Now where was I? Oh yes, spent a lot of time trying not to breathe in through my mouth! The run went ok. My knee didn't mind too much. I have treated it to an ice pack when I got back and it seems ok.

I'll see how it goes but I might try week 3 on Wednesday.

Happy running everyone.

Viki :-)

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Ooooh - really feel for you about the teeth. I'll come and hold your hand virtually if you like! - I really don't like going to the dentist at all either (probably result of horrible dentist that I was scared of when I was 5!)

Fingers crossed the knee's ok too. :)


Woo-hoo - you're back on track! :-)

I find now I'm running longer times again, my knees like two days between runs. At long last I've learned to 'listen to my body'.

I'm going to the dentist next Monday so we can be virtual buddies there too... :-P

Good luck with week three!


Ooh can I join in too. I'm going to see the consultant about my teeth on Thursay:o(

On with the running..........I too have been resting for a good few weeks too, but I'm back.

Also doing the same as vikicats, well almost. My knee was playing up so much I have just had to go back to W2, today I'm going to try doing W3.

Wish me luck.

Good luck everyone


Thanks everyone. Knee fine today so will try week 3 tomorrow. Tooth on other hand is throbbing quite nicely! Glad I'm not alone with my phobia. Unfortunately they can't do it for 3 weeks. May have pulled it out myself by then! :-(



Good luck. I did my W3 today woo hoo, I was fine too:o) Think I will need to complete it a couple of times tho and not just once.

I'm with you too on the dentist arrrrh! Lots of pain killers I think.


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