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W3r3 rerun fail

So yesterday was run 3 of week 3. My knee had been a little tender after my second week 3 run on Saturday but nothing major. Did my 5 minute warm up and off I set.


Not good. Stopped almost as soon as I'd started. Knee not quite screaming but definitely not happy. Decided immediately not to continue running but did walk the rest of the podcast. Made sure I iced it when I got home.

It's still a bit sore today so am going to try the first strength and flex podcast tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be recovered enough to run at the weekend. Really don't want to be out for weeks again. :-(

Hope you're all getting on better than me!

Viki :-)

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That's a shame but well done for walking it, every little helps as they say. Hope you are running again soon.


Viki, Viki, Viki.........."It's still a bit sore today so am going to try the first strength and flex podcast tomorrow". You know where I am going with this, don't you? ;-)

You are a graduate, you already know that you should rest it for a few days to let it recover properly. Please don't go hurting yourself worse just for the sake of waiting an extra day or so, I'd much rather read your weekend blog saying 'I rested the whole week, but it was worth it'. Just think about it. Maybe brisk walk/power walk for a few days?

And I do feel your frustration. I just had time off for an ear infection that made me dizzy and then last week some silly woman drove into the back of me (whilst I was driving a friend's car), so I am out of action again :-( Yesterday I was dressed ready to go running and a friend called and during the conversation reminded me that I have been given diazepan for the back pain and that I should probably wait to see my osteo on Thurs and let all that settle. She was right. I didn't run. I don't like it :-( My osteo said I can do some gentle stretching, so I did that with some really focused breaths instead, and I did feel better. Not the same as running, but I felt better, and it's good preparation for the running.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck :-)

Vixiej xx


oh, and please don't use the 'f' word on here ;-) :-D


dont do yourself a proper mischief!! take it easy.

methinks a visit to a practitioner of some kind?

running will always be waiting for you when you're up for it.

ali :-)


:( take it easy as the others have said. Kit on + any amount of jogging = success


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