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Cheeky bonus run

Did my week 8 run 1 yesterday, then unexpectedly found I had a day off today, so decided to go for a cheeky short run, however, once out there running in one of the sunny periods inbeetween heavy snowfall, I found I was really enjoying the run and ran for 28 mins and wanted to carry on, I ran for 29.30 I would have gone on but I want to save the 30 min mark for my week nine so it is special.

So is that week 8 run 2 or just a cheeky extra? I am looking forward to graduating but do not want to feel I have cheated and skipped ahead.

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It counts.


I can relate to what you are saying. I had to hold myself back from the next 2 runs as I felt like I wanted to do 30 minutes in week 9. I just completed the first 30 minute run and it felt pretty good and special.

It is fine to run to your abilities and I say well done to anyone who does manage it early but I enjoyed savouring that first 30 minute run! (Please Note: Savouring may only occur upon crossing the 30 minute line after 29:59 of hard work, experiences may vary!)


I would count it as run 2. :-) I like your idea of saving the 30 til next week. It will make your Grad week that much more special. :-) Gayle


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