cheeky 20 mins today

evening fellow runners :) I graduated on Monday so I thought I would take it easy a bit on my post graduate run so done a little cheeky 20 mins tonight (should of really pushed for another thirty but I am a plodder so thought I would try some shorter runs at slightly faster pace) is that cheeting do u think? should I just crack on with the thirty mins ???? thoughts people please!

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  • Well, between you and me, I quite often do a cheeky 20 or 25 minutes (like last night) and I finished the plan a year ago!

    I never feel guilty about it though; the main thing is that I am still doing regular runs and although I have a more challenging plan to follow (to achieve 10 miles at the end) I still do shorter runs too,( most weeks!).


  • Hi Pricey - well, I am onto Bridge to 10k and the particular one I'm doing has taken me back to run/walk intervals, with 2 longer workouts each week (eg run 22mins, walk 2 mins, run 8 mins, walk 2 mins, run 8 mins) BUT also each week at the moment there's a session of 3 x 10 mins with 2 mins walking in between each run, which I reckon is about as cheeky as it gets!! I have automatically used these little bursts as an opportunity to speed up, so I reckon what you're doing is F-I-N-E!!! And other similar plans I've seen, even if they don't do intervals like this, specify a couple of 'easy' runs plus one longer one each week. If you check out some 10k plans (eg Running Bug, Cool Running) you should find it quite reassuring! I also get the impression from stuff I've read that it's necessary to cut back a bit every so often before advancing....... so be cheeky!! :-)

  • I graduated last week and today did a 25 min run but worked on building up my speed rather than distance, distance is for Friday when I'm upping it to 33 mins, so no, I don't think a cheeky 20 mins is bad!! :)

  • thanks everyone guilt has been lifted. it's good to be cheeky once in a while :)

  • I dont think its cheeky at all, after all, you're still out there running :)

  • It's all about enjoying yourself too, rebelling in your bodys ability and having some fun with it. I say go the 'cheeky' route whenever it pleases...

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