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I put off the run yesterday and woke up to worse weather this morning! So I had to do it today and I did. As always a bit of a slog at the beginning, but, as usual, it got better. Really pleased with myself - going out in the sleet and running 25 minutes for the second time. Like the thought that I get another couple of 25 minutes before having another challenge.

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Well done for getting out there; enjoy your runs, soon be at the end and graduation :-)


I know - all getting very real!


Sleet? Yuck! You deserve a medal for bravery and perseverance. I would've waited another day.


Running in sleet doesn't sound like much fun at all.

I also liked that there are four 25 minute runs in a row before the time increased again, even itf it's only a 3 minute increase. It helped me feel stronger and more confident when it came time to move onto week 8.

I'm hoping your next run's a dry one. :)


Me too.


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