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OMG W7 complete


Yesterday I set off for the third run of week 7 feeling less than overjoyed, ran the 25 minutes ( a slog) ran the next 5 minutes ( starting to feel more into it) and then ran another 2k home because I was enjoying it so much. I would never have believed it possible 7 weeks ago. I’m very slow, but once I have settled in, I love running!! Astonishing! I’m only sorry it’s taken me 58 years to find out :-))

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Good for you! It's never too late. I'm another slow one we're are not all hares! :P

OldflossAdministrator in reply to SuperMouse

Tortoises win... all the time:)

Never ever too late to learn that there’s something you can do and love!


Great... we learn something new every day !

Well done not,however push it... stick to the plan and reach the podium injury free :)

@ least you found out Susie 😊

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