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Interesting approach to running

I thought I'd share this article I just read, which I found interesting as I've been doing the same, or similar, for ages now, particularly the breathwork. I decided to stop chasing the distances and times 'at all costs' and just enjoy my runs, be in the moment. I do still listen to music sometimes though. I think the bodyscanning is a really important element, and I'm sure this approach (plus the restorative yin yoga I do) has helped me to stay running injury free.

I've been off for a couple of weeks, due to illness and having less time due to the yoga teacher training, but I have fitted in some runs since my last blog, just a few 5Ks here and there. I'm hoping that Mother's day won't get in the way of me having a run tomorrow, I'm itching to get out there and hopefully have a lovely jog :-)

I hope everyone is well, I feel I've neglected the forum for a while, but it was impossible to go online while I was ill (made me feel sick), hopefully I can catch up on a few posts tomorrow, while my breakfast in bed is being prepared ;-)

Happy running

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Sorry we made you feel sick. ;)

I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day, including a good run! I shall go and read the article - it sounds just up my street. :)


(I should have read it first instead of posting twice. Never mind.)

I really liked it. It's very much along the Chi running lines, isn't it? Just makes sense to me, especially the not listening to music part. Although I know lots of people find it helpful, I've enjoyed my running much more since I haven't had my ipod going. I thought it was because I was listening the birds, trees etc more, but maybe it is also because I'm more tuned in to my body too. Interesting, thanks!


you are welcome. And of course it was not you guys who made me feel sick :-) I had my dizzy head thing back again (inner ear causes it) :-( It is much better now, just the odd spinning moment, but almost back to normal. It didn't stop me running last Sunday though, with my daughter to run with me in case I had a wobble :-)


I agree, very interesting article. I always used to listen to music when running and still do if I'm on the dreadmill, but outdoors I prefer to listen to the sounds around me - whether that be the sounds of nature or the sounds of cars that are about to run me down ! The first time I ran without music I was shocked by the sound of my breathing and the sound of my feet on the ground. Now, I like to hear everything, I can try to run more lightly and try to concenrate on breathing more easily. I've had a few niggly injuries and would like to try and avoid them in future. I also think that yoga is a good complement to running.


there would be no other way to do treadmill. I abandoned my last attempt indoors, I just can't bear the noise, the smell and the tedium. Hats off to anyone who can do it.


Thanks for the post Vixie. I have been running music free since getting back to it. Not through choice though, headphone just aren't working in my phone. I have also in part been thinking about core strength, posture and breathing while running after watching some chi running vids on YouTube. I quite like the idea of positive whole body running. This read is very helpful.

I've got to say though, I am still being plagued by negative thoughts. Particularly when things get a bit difficult on uphill running for example.

What I am really enjoying is running early morning when traffic is minimal and nature is at its finest.


Maybe your negative thoughts have something to do with upping your distance rather fast in your enthusiasm to get back to it all? An extra km per run is a lot! Please don't go and get injured just when you've got back to running!

Just a thought on the uphill bit - as I went up that particularly devilish uphill in our parkrun yesterday - is it partly because you're expecting to keep too high a pace uphill? If you reduce the pace enough, in theory, hills should be barely any more difficult - overall effort should be about the same, if you take shorter steps. It does seem to work for me. Though that particular steep slope is so steep it makes my legs hurt because the angle my foot lands on the ground is so different, which adds another layer of complication.

Have you tried running the parkrun in the reverse direction yet? It would be very easy to try to do it at too high a pace, I think, as it's relatively gradual. I'm not sure whether I'm going to go again next week or not. Hips are a bit achey from the mud-running this morning!

I'm impressed at people who run early morning - I love the idea, but haven't yet got the hang of actually getting up early enough. :(


my version of early morning is 8am, after my daughter heads to the train station, it's still too cold for really early mornings (for me!)


I know what you mean about negative thought on the uphill, I avoided hills until fairly recently. But now I just shorten my stride and observe how my body responds. Try it, just accept that it is what it is and just observe. Don't judge. Its amazing how strong you become in time when you do this, it really works :-)


Hey Vixiej wondered where you were :) hope you are feeling better. I had that about four years ago, completely floored me feeling weak, dizzy and sick. Yuk.

Take care

Jems x


Hi Jems,

I'm still lurking from time to time. Had to skip running again this week, dizzy head fine, but someone drove into the back of me last Thursday and so I'm off to see the osteo tomorrow, now it's had a chance to settle down a bit. I've been doing a little stretching/yoga every day and it has helped keep mobile (along with the muscle relaxants :-D ) I am hoping that I can run on Sunday or Monday.

Actually, Sunday could be good, if I can find somewhere to shower, we are driving to Birmingham as my daughter is in a big production of Cats (its her birthday too), so I could run somewhere along the way..........ooooooohhhhhhh, off to investigate!



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