Cautiously running again

After nearly 8 weeks off with travel, acute bronchitis and worsening asthma I am almost nearly back running again :) I've gone back to intervals and today achieved four 5-minute runs with two minutes of walking between, after the obligatory warm-up walk, of course. The running intervals covered 3k, so I'm not breaking any land speed records either, but at least I'm back out there.

It feels very frustrating not to be able to run. My right shin is sore, and my breathing is fine while I'm running but abysmal when I stop (don't know why that should be). But I will persevere and I will get back up to 5k. It might take me a while, but I'll get there :)


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16 Replies

  • Good to see you back Annie. Sure you'll soon be back to full fitness.

  • Thanks, Malcy. It might take a while but I've done it once so I know I can do it again :)

  • Well done you for coming back - four 5-minute runs sounds like a great start back to me! I'm off running for a while with an injury and starting back is a bi challenge you've already overcome :-)

  • It's just a bit frustrating when you know you could do more before! I hope your injury is getting better and you will be back running again soon :)

  • Hiya, so glad you are feeling brave enough to get back to your running! We've missed you. Be careful - awww I'm sure you will be :) You've done it all before so it's a steady catch-up time for you. Don't worry about breaking any records ... just get yourself fit again soon. Lotsaluv x

  • Thanks, Linda - it's just such a nuisance! Anyway, at least I'm back, and yes, I'll be cautious. Nice to be back here amongst friends again :) xx

  • Welcome back Annie! Take it steady and I'm sure you'll be cracking those 5Ks soon enough!

  • Thanks, Hilary - steady is all I can do at the moment! Still, at least I know I can do it, even if it takes a while to get back up to 5k :)

  • A lovely post, really good you are back out there! Make sure you take care of yourself though and I am sure you will be back at 5k very soon :)

  • Thanks - it might take a while, but I'll get there, I'm sure! It's great to have such a supportive community here - I can almost feel the good wishes pushing me along :)

  • Well done Annie, it's not easy starting back even when you want to (I know as I'm back, after a few false starts, now the weather has cooled off). Take care of yourself and don't overdo it.

  • Thanks, Annie - it is a bit of a slog but I'll get there, especially with all this support :)

  • Hi Annie, glad to hear you are back out there, take it steady, its not a race - - yet!!! I'm out of the running game too just now with asthma problems and chest infection which is taking a good while to clear up. Another week of antibiotics off the doctor today so fingers crossed. I have at least managed to get out of the house the last 2 days which is some progress.

    Take care Annie and good luck on getting back to your 5K runs.

  • Sorry to hear you're struggling too with asthma and chest infections - don't you find the antibiotics and steroids are almost as bad? :D I'm glad you're getting out again - take care and we'll be clocking up those 5ks again very soon :)

  • Good luck to all of you getting out there even with various illnesses and injuries - it makes me even more determined to stick with the programme knowing that you're all committed to it too, even with injuries or medical issues. I really have no excuse to get fit, so I'm gonna do it! Week two here I come...

  • You might find (as many of us have done) that it becomes rather addictive, and you fret when you can't go for a run! I would never have thought this when I started :O All the best with it - this is the most amazingly supportive community. Keep posting to let us know how you get on, and enjoy your running :)

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