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Hanging up the Running Shoes

Tomorrow if all goes well, I'll be finally having my Gallbladder removed, I've been waiting for this op for what seems an eternity although in reality it's around 18 months.

The downside is that I won't be able to run for a while :( how long I'm not exactly sure and a lot will depend on whether they end up having to convert to an open procedure, a possibility because of the Bowel Op I had last year.

Anyway I'm hoping I can get back to some shorter 30 minute runs within 3 weeks, I'm not sure if that is realistic or not. If anyone else has had the op and returned to running after I would love hear of your experience.

Happy Running All :)

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Very best wishes for your op tomorrow. I hope all goes well and it's the shorter op. I'm sure you'll be back out there running as soon as they let you :)


When I read the subject of your post I had a moment of panic - No OlsBean don't stop running! I read your blogs and appreciate your posts, you just can't stop.

....Then I read the rest of your blog - GOOD LUCK with the op.

I have no experience of this but it may be worth speaking with your surgeon and seeing what he suggests.

A friend had a c-section with her baby and I know you can't really compare but she was told 6-8 weeks afterwards would be safe to start exercising again. This seems to be what is most often suggested as a safe amount of time after an op to start workingout again.

Your body needs time to recover properly so take it easy on yourself until you know and feel you are 100% so possibly 3 weeks may be a little optimistic.

Good luck and let us know how everything went.


I had an op earlier this year, but I was only a couple of weeks into C25K and it was a very minor op so not really the same situation as you. I waited until I could run upstairs comfortably before I ventured out, I had no expectations and basically just wanted to test myself to see if it was painful. It was under 3 weeks for me, but as I said it was a very minor op. Basically all I had to do was wait for the wound to heal up.

If they are going to cut any of your core muscles (like in a C section) then it will take a while longer. My DH had his gall bladder out a couple of years ago by keyhole surgery. He plays ice hockey, I will ask him how long it was before he went back to training. Knowing him it was probably a week *rolleyes*

Good luck with the op!


In short I don't know but would say be guided by your surgeon and doctor. All the very best and wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care :)


Thank you all for the kind words, I'll be watching from the sidelines with envy over the coming weeks, hopefully it won't be too long before I am able to start running again.


Be careful!

I had the same op by keyhole surgery. You feel really well the day after and could easily forget that you've just had major surgery. I did that and suffered for it. Take note of what your surgeon advises and stick to it.

Then...happy running :-)


Good luck with your op. and take it easy. You will get back to running, just keep an open mind about how quickly you get back to it. It's just not worth the risk of doing yourself an injury.


First things first; good luck with the op, and we ALL wish you a speedy recovery.

I wasn't a runner when I was operated on for Testicular cancer (which involves...look away now if you are squeamish...having the abdomen opened up for about 5 inches and the gonad pushed up and out of the to look again).

I was bed-ridden for several days at home, and then only very gentle exercise. I started climbing the walls, but I was so pleased that I took it easy as it was recommended. I am now very strong in the abdomen again and have no lasting effects.

OK, I wasn't running at that time, but I was a hill walker, cyclist, swimmer and diver.

Good luck, and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, and your doctor.


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