Running music

I was going to go for my first run today after the Christmas festivities, but it was raining so hard so I didnt go and I didn't want to just sit in and do nothing. So I decided to do 45 minutes of step with my running music on my iPod. My legs felt like running and I couldn't get the rhythm right for the steps, so I turned it off. After that my rhythm came back and my score was much better. Just goes to show how listening to running music while running trains your mind and body. Hopefully the weather will be kind to me tomorrow as I want to get out there.

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  • Well done for not giving in to the couch! Let's see if you can get out and do that run tomorrow.

  • Hi janda, well I did it, I woke up at 5 this morning and was out the door by 6.30. I managed 3.26 miles in 40 minutes well pleased with myself.

  • Fantastic news. Well done. I'm off on today's run later,rain or no rain.

  • Hi janda, did you go on your run, how did you get on

  • Watch this space, tomorrow I am getting out there

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