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Parkrun in sleet

Coming back from this morning's Parkrun I reckoned was borderline hypothermic from some of the worst weather I've run in.

It was about 3deg and for the first 2k we were running into an east wind with that fine sleety rain becoming hail which feels like needles hitting you on your face. However on the run back, the wind was behind us, it had stopped raining quite so heavily and I actually found I was enjoying it. There was the interesting diversion of kite surfers out on the water. I was glad I'd take an old fleece and waterproof jacket out of the car to put on waiting in the queue to have my bar code read. My time has just come through at 29:57 - just scraping under the 30 minutes.

At home I stripped off for a shower and realised my kit was soaked through and was actually heavy it was so wet! Had a coffee after a hot shower but it was over an hour before I warmed up properly. I've run with snow on the ground, in frost, in rain so heavy it was like a river and in 30deg heat and sun in Oz, but the rain/hail was definitely the most unpleasant.

For all that, I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

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Well done with the time - very tidy! That sounds like very heavy weather - I'm not sure I'd have run in that, it sounds pretty horrible. Good that you enjoyed it. :)


Well done - that sounds character building ! I have to improve a bit before I get under the 30min target :-)


well done fab time x



Impressive time especially in that cold east wind. Well done!


Fantastic time, and well done for beating the nasty weather into submission!


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