W9R2 and my first run in rain!

And....WHAT rain....and wind...and horizontal hail...! I hate being out in any sort of rain. I'm the least "out doors-y" person I know - or was - so how come I loved my wet run?! I didn't even find the first 10-12 minutes hard today (the banana I'd eaten between breakfast and my run?) despite the rain getting heavier each minute... I'm still very slow, but my pace was better today, too... Then at around 13 minutes it started bucketing down...but I didn't want to give up when I felt I was doing so well, so struggled on as the rain turned to horizontal hail, obviously, coming straight at me... I was so cold, wearing my completely inappropriate everyday leggings and baggy top (both cotton jersey) that I could barely hold my iPod...which was stuck on one track (luckily my favourite!) presumably through a mixture of shock and cold... At 20 minutes I suddenly realised I still had 10 minutes left to do, and my enjoyment started to wane - just a little! I actually wondered if I was being really foolish - should I stop and try again tomorrow? However, I have managed every single run without having to stop or have a second attempt, so I didn't want to stop part-way through today's either... I was literally soaked to the skin by that point and my feet were soaking and squelching, and my glasses were so wet I had to take them off...but my hand was so cold I could barely hold them...but it was SUCH a pity to stop... I still don't understand why I was loving it so much, and didn't feel as tired as usual even though the wind was against me. Not the last 5 minutes though... I actually thought the rain had stopped my TomTom watch because the seconds seemed to be going soooooooo slowly and I really was frozen. The last 2 minutes was a real challenge for me - I don't think I ran so much as staggered - but my watch finally showed 30 minutes and I realised that (yes, still far too slow) I'd ran faster than I've ever done before! So here I am, with just one run left before I complete this programme, and so excited about it all. Ridiculously excited that even drenched to the skin I felt exhilarated, when in January I'd do anything to avoid going outside in even a shower, and with a coat and umbrella, too!


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9 Replies

  • Wowsers Emmy9 that sounds like a grueller!! At least it happened when you're so close to the end. If it had been those conditions in W1 you might have given up :D! You've got stamina mate! For me, the thought of posting a 'practice' run spurs me on to complete every second of the run. Good luck for the final one! That badge is quivering in it's box...xx

  • Hi... Thank you! Yes, you're right; if today had been week 1, there wouldn't have been a week 2, that's for sure...! Actually, what I didn't say... Inspired by Winston - ok, and a little jealous that you have a running companion and I'm usually alone! - I persuaded my husband to walk Pippa at the same time so I could run with her at the start, as I warmed up, and at one point mid-run as I passed them, without fear of her grinding me to a halt... However, it was so ridiculously wet he ended up taking her home halfway through and her little ears have been all fluffy for the rest of the day! Good luck with your next one, too.. xx

  • Bless you!!!...xx

  • Running does strange things to us, doesn't it! Many runners love going out in the rain, although mere mortals don't believe us. Good luck for your last run. Any plans post graduation?

  • You mean after squealing very loudly for 5 minutes immediately afterwards?! Well, I'm going to tell my friends back in the UK (I'm in France) because I kept it quiet in case I gave up... THAT will shock a few people! Then... I'm hoping to continue running alternate days and try to get to 5km (I'm not there!)... Perhaps re-do all of C25K as well but running FAST this time, for the first few runs, instead of just managing to survive... Really, I just want to enjoy running and pushing myself, but if I want to walk for 30 seconds, if it means I can then go further, I'll be able to do so, which will be nice... Also, I want to teach my dog to run with me, but she has a tendency to just S-T-O-P when she wants! Thanks so much for your comment, and for wishing me luck...

  • I kept it secret pretty much to the end aswell. Then casually dropped it into conversations. Still do - I love people's reactions!

  • Funny, I've kept it a secret too! Only daughter and BFF know. Friday is graduation day, so I may shout it from the rooftops then, or go do a parkrun and have a photo taken to show everyone else...xx

  • Hmmn, C25K at speed sounds good, might give that a try :) ! Good luck teaching Pippa, I'm sure she'll learn to keep going while you are, Winston did, and it's great running with a dog...xx

  • Great post! I was feeling your pain there !

    Well done for sticking with it 😀 Fancy your music getting stuck. Good job it was a tune you liked 😀

    You need the right gear! Great yourself to dry fit gear and a cap. All can be bought cheaply from Aldi or Lidl (their sale is next Thursday). I have an Aldi jacket and cap and both were cheap as chips 🏃‍♀️ You also have to think about the walk home. When you stop running you get the chills. I tie my jacket round my waist. I can pop it on if it rains or for the walk home. The dri fit tech tops are really inexpensive but great for wicking sweat and keeping it away from your body.

    You could treat yourself as a Graduation gift to yourself 🏆 I hope you are feeling ok now 🙂

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