Eeek - Parkrun

Eeek - Parkrun

I appear to have just registered for Parkrun.

Haven't run with other people since football training 30 odd years ago and my latest run (3.6km on a treadmill last night) was the longest I've run non stop since I was a kid.

On top of that there's an 80% chance of rain and 20-25 mph winds forecast for Saturday morning - I've hardly run outside and struggled with pacing myself when I have and it's a fast course so (having looked at their recent results) I'm very likely to be right at the back.

Normally I'd have the excuse that I'd be photographing sport or travelling to do so on a Saturday morning but I've actually got a whole Saturday off for first time in months - so looks like I'll be doing my second week 7 run at St Andrews Parkrun.

I'm scared

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  • You'll be fine, davidy233 . Lots of people walk part of parkrun so if you need to do intervals, it's fine. A lot of parkruns also have a tail runner who comes in absolutely last so if yours does, you'll have company if you're right at the back. Never mind how 'fast' the course is. A fast 5k is the same distance as a slow one. And 5k covered by whatever style of moving is better than the same length of time spent lolling on the sofa ;)

    Good luck with it. I did most of my third runs each week at parkrun. It helped me to focus on what i was doing and not on trying to keep up with those I had no chance of keeping up with.

    Have fun, and don't be scared. Let us know how it goes!

  • My intention from the start will be to run non stop for the 25 minutes of week 7's schedule and then take it from there - hopefully I can keep going - will be interesting anyway - it's always good to get outside your comfort zone.

  • Do your 5 minutes of C25K walking warmup right at the beginning of your parkrun - this way most of the running pack will leave you behind with the walkers and you will not be tempted to go out too fast at the beginning with the runners. Nearly everybody runs too fast at the beginning of a parkrun!! :)

  • Aw dont be scared David :-) If its any consolation , there will be lots of us running at the same time ( Storm Barbara ) permitting !

    We will all virtually cheer each other along and don't worry about speed or pace, parkrun is open to all regardless of experience, ability etc

    Good Luck and have fun ! :-) xxx

  • Brilliant David! Well done on aiming for parkrun. Dont forget you can put NHS C25k ad your running club,

    Enjoy 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻😀

  • Already done that - go team NHS C25k

  • As others say don't worry if need be can walk bits of it. I did my first park run last Saturday it was brilliant. Unfortunately work Saturdays and can't do regularly, have to take day off.

    Some do treat it as a race , which is fine, most do it to maintain their fitness and have a laugh and there's a great camaraderie. I came in 113th out of 140 . Their average number of runners at my local park run is 65.

    I had a race within a race I was beaten by the Elf and Rudolph red nosed reindeer but I did beat Scooby Doo. He wasn't bitter and even posed for photo with me !!

    I rarely run in strong wind rain but was no problem last time. When you are with loads of others it will make it easier. Expecting strong winds here on Friday afternoon. I should be OK for my regular Friday early morning 4K run to work. My next run on Sunday should be fine.

    Let us know how you get on !

    Anyway I would bet good money that you won't be last !

  • The fear will lend wings to your heels! I think you'll enjoy it. Let us know how It goes

  • Be brave ! You can do it !

  • Whoo hoo! Just go really, really slow at the start. Everyone takes off too fast in the excitement. I try not to pass anyone for the first little bit until I settle down and the path opens up a bit. Please post after and let us know how it goes.

  • Good luck David; you can do it!

    Doing my first one on Saturday; looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and trepidation (maybe those should be the other way round). Note to self to take notice of runswithdogs comment about going really really slow at the start. I try to do this with my normal runs (often end up with negative splits) but worry that I'll be caught up with the atmosphere of park run and off like a greyhound out of trap 1!

  • It's advice I often don't take. Worst case scenario a nice walk to recover partway through after hoofing it at the start.

  • Yay! Do it, do it, do it, do it, I promise it will be ok, there is usually a 'first timers' briefing and all the volunteers will be easily identifiable in high vis vests, don't be afraid to sidle up to anyone and ask what to do.

    Most of all, enjoy!


  • That is just amazing, David, don't be scared, think of those cool guys at the back of the school bus, and be one of them! Take it slow and steady, so what if you are at the back? Enjoy it, wear a Santa hat, and post your run report for all to read. Good luck! If you're flagging, think of me running ahead of you with a mince pie dangling tantalising from the back of my Santa Hat. If you dislike mince pies, think of me chasing you down with one! Ha Ha! Well done for entering! You'll have a great time! :)

  • Oh please post and let us know how it goes. I still haven't braved a park run yet. Hope you have a fabulous run :)

  • You'll be fine! As Bazza said, start off with warmup walk, do your c25k workout then walk the rest, and if you feel OK just running over the finish line.. thats what I did..😊

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