Hail sleet gales

Laura talking too fast!

All dressed to go out for run this morning Saw weather and thought ok I can do this Used to running in cold and wind so no problem Never run in rain so ok first time for everything Opened door and thought maybe not so took baby grandson swimming Cleared up a bit so before school run in afternoon ( staying at daughters so watching grandchildren --- total respect to all you mums and dads who have to fit runs in round all the other ' running' around) Decided to put on Speed for 1st time but must have pressed wrong button cos the next thing Laura sounded like she was on speed Eventually found how to slow her down and off I went to sea front Big big mistake Felt I was running backwards / sideways /on the spot and frightened I'd be swept out to sea Face felt like it was getting exfoliated with wind and hail Managed to get home in one piece and after shower felt really good Hope gales are not going to last

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  • Well done you!! I'm very motivated at w9r2 but wind was crazy and light fading fast so gave it a miss!! Much respect!!

  • I was motivated when doing c25k but since I graduated couple weeks ago almost frightened if I can't do planned run I think it's because there is no structure and its up to me to decide what to do You are nearly there I ll look forward to your graduation post

  • I ran this evening and it began to sleet. Mind you I was roasting so it was quite welcome.

    I've never run in the dark before and the streets were littered with broken branches and bits of tree so it was a bit tricky picking my way round them. I enjoyed it though

  • It must have been a bit like an assault course Did you find time passed quicker because you were concentrating on so many other things Am guessing winter weather going to be testing a lot of us Glad you enjoyed your run

  • Well done! I was silly enough to go out too...it can be a bit scary! You did it though, and it will make normal weather seem much more bearable :D

  • You are right If we can keep going through the winter can you imagine how great we will be feeling next spring I bet before you started c25k you never thought you would run in cold /dark /wind Well done

  • Its the first time Ive looked forward to spring, its all character building I suppose! Utterly bizarre, glad you are home safe though! Good luck for your next run!

  • I know as winter approaches we are all going to find it harder and harder to get out and run, I am lucky in that I have gym membership so could use the treadmill but that still involves a reasonable drive as the gym is close to work but not so close to my home and I hate driving in ice and snow, so I have been looking for ways to keep up my fitness at home, I have a Wii fit so will be using that a bit more and then today I found this:


    I know it might not be THE answer but hopefully will give us some ideas to work with to keep up the fitness levels we have worked so hard to achieve.......then we just wait to thaw out in the Spring

  • Thanks I had quick look at some interesting suggestions I am lucky to live near gym but have never run on treadmill Am going to give it a try in case really bad weather But I really love been outside so think I will feel cheated if cant get the fresh air Gym also has pool so going to try jogging in water Who thought pre c25k I would be worrying bout where to run

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