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My brother just told me he's proud of me :-D

Just completed week 4 and told my brother and he said he is proud of me and too keep it up. And I must say I am proud of myself. He used to jog but has arthritis in his big toes. He's had one operated on so it it won't bend. He did do the London marathon once and finished in a pretty good time too. :-D

Anyway to all who are struggling a wee bit or a lot, keep it up and go at your own pace and you will get there. This jogging business really is quite addictive and I am so looking forward to the start of week 5 on Monday. :-D Happy jogging everyone!

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Well done! I'm not quite addicted to running yet but each week feels like a big achievement. Keep posting. :)


Each week is a big achievement Helen. Well done to you too. :-)


I know what you mean, it is weirdly addictive. I was busy and pushed the runs back a bit this week and almost missed them. Strange! Did not see that happening.

I told my parents that I was running and they just gave me a shocked look :P

Good luck for week 5!


Before I started I had heard that it was quite addictive but never really thought about it until I started, but it's true. Although some of the runs are a bit of a slog I seem to be able to drag that last little bit out of myself to finish. Hope I can continue doing so for week 5. :-)

Good luck to you too. :-)


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