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what's your running bucket list?

Last night I was happily trawling through a fabric suppliers' website and came across a fabric called 'bucket list' which basically looked like the scribbles of a group of friends was printed onto fabric. Anyway that got me thinking, what do I want to achieve with my running before I slow down so much I can't run to my liking anymore.

So here goes, what is on your bucket list? Here's mine -

I want to run my hill training route without stopping

I want to run non-stop for one hour

I would love to run a 5K in 30 minutes

and a 10K in 60 minutes

and run a half-marathon

and here's the materialist wish: I wish I could find really amazing running clothes, not just the type where there's a bit of different coloured piping or panel and then it is classed as superior, zany and uber-fashionable.


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mines simple mietjie - just to be able to run without feeling Im going to die half way through!!

seriously though - if I had to do one, it would look a lot like yours but with an add on that I want to be able to "talk" whilst running at some stage!!

i would also like to put to also look like one of these running gazelle ladies that I see out and about but that's never gonna happen (too curvy for that ;-)

ali :-)


I run on my own, for a different number of reasons but one of the main reasons is that I am totally unable to talk whilst running! so it looks like our lists have a lot in common.

do you also struggle with the first five minutes of a run?


Manage a 10K race in under 60 mins. I did my first one in 62, but the next two I've signed up for are both hilly. The next one has 120m of ascent over 2km, and the next one is even worse!

My other running wishes are to run in certain places:

Around Loch Affric - 17 km (11 miles) - 250m (800ft) ascent


To the Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye - 8km (5 miles) I'd love to run then swim in the pools in the river. I'd need to find a day when it was cool enough for running, but warm enough for swimming!


Up Bennachie, Aberdeenshire 11km (6.5 miles) - 450m (1500ft)



I like your take on my question! I have walked parts of Loch Affric and find it a very calming place to be but the other places are new to me.

I remember your 10K races and how impressive I found your time.

Since I started the Runkeeper training programme I noticed that my average time is about 30 seconds faster per minute. I am happy with the improvement.


i run on my own too mietjie, but I'd like to be able to say a "hiya" to a passer by eventually without thinking im going to expire!!

i absolutely struggle with the first five minutes - and the second!! actually, thinking about it, the hardest is the 3 minutes after my 5 minutes because i know another 5 minutes is coming!!! that shows to me that most of my running deamons are mental.

ali :-)


Those first minutes of a run - how I hate them! I know my body has to adjust to the demands I place on it but what a wicked way to do it. If I get my breathing right in this bit though I find I settle nicely into the remainder of the run, so I just bide my time for the toxic minutes to pass. <grin>


Not much on my list.

I want to learn to enjoy running.


What hooked me was my first 'sweet' run - I think that was in week 7 of the C25K, the first time I did it. That run was so unlike the concrete legs, running in porridge runs that frequently come my way.

I haven't yet worked out what makes me have a sweet run, but when it happens I am thrilled.


What hooked me was the challenge, it was around Week 4 that I realised I was loving the C25k because of it. I have had runs where I felt good rather than bad and runs where I've added some kind of challenge beyond what was expected of me by Laura or myself (since graduation) and being equal to it have felt delighted and even buzzing on occasion.

I have always said that while I love that I run, I have yet to find a way of enjoying a run for the sake of the run alone.


I see the distinction you make - I guess for me the hook and the enjoyment came at the same time. I love everything a run brings - the physical exertion, the emptying out of my head space, being outside and an unexpected bonus is running in places I would never have thought to visit before.


Aye, it's a subtle but important distinction alright.

That said, I'm not saying I'll never get there, my first parkrun is this weekend and I can't feckin' wait, so there's hope for me yet.


I get a bit carried away day-dreaming about what I could do :D I would love to tackle a half marathon at some point, maybe next year or the year after. There's one at Silverstone which would be ace because I'm a huge F1 fan.


On the track itself? or in the vicinity?

I love the way one can weave running into other areas of our lives.

Swanscot posted about the Fairy Pools on Skye earlier on - I think I can get my husband and friends to go for a walk there, it looks amazing from the photos. So it will go on my general wish list for now. Or is that a bucket list as well?


On the track itself! My friend just did it and posted pictures on Facebook of her running down the pitlane. I know I'd end up doing a Murray Walker commentary to myself the whole way around or run into the tyre wall shouting 'look at me, I'm Michael Schumacher!'. Maybe I should stick to the local parkrun.


No, I think you should do it, and get photos of you hitting the tyre wall, and post them on here! :D


It's only ever been one thing - the Great North Run. I'm now signed up for Sept, so my dream will come true as long as I stay injury free.


Ever since I was younger I've always wanted to run the London marathon and promise myself every year that I'll do it the following year.

This year I'm running the Chester Half in May, possibly the Chester Marathon in October, with an eye on London 2015, unless I could sneak a charity place for next year.


I love the idea of running on holiday, but no specific places in mind at the moment. We went to Ireland last year (Antrim and then Donegal) and it would have been lovely to run in either of those beautiful areas.

Being able to do parkrun in the middle of the pack would be pretty good! :)


Update - being able to do parkrun fast enough not to have someone walk alongside me!


I have yet to pluck up the courage to do Parkrun - well done for entering. Have you got your time yet?


Yes - slow - but faster than my practice one - it was 45 min 55 seconds, in mud and rain. :) Great fun. Come and join the c25k team!


Ok, game on. I am away this Saturday but can do the next Saturday. I have my barcode but need to figure out how to join c25k team. Any pointers?


My list would include some of yours,

To love running, at the moment I do it to achieve 5k in 30 min.

To run without knee pain

To run a leg of the Belfast marathon this year, that is why I started the c25k.

To be fit enough to not have a bright red face at the end of a run.

By the way, am interested in the fact that you were looking at fabric sights. I am a quilter as well as a runner! You?


oh, I am going through a dressmaking phase at the moment - I could easily buy fabric just because it is beautiful and never use it! I hope I am not doing wrong but here's the list of fabric sites I am working through a lot of it is for quilters veryberryhandmade.co.uk/abo...


Mietjie, You must be a quilter at heart. We all buy fabric because it is beautiful and never cut into it. I just stroke it!! Sad, I know!


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