City2Surf... off my bucket list!

I completed a 14k chariity run today.

I started a fair way back in the field of 85000 but i damn well ran the whole way! Feeling a bit proud as part of the course (about 6k mark) is called Heartbreak Hill, and i concur with that opinion as it is a very long and steep incline.. maybe a bit over a kilometre. I was inspired by an older gent who could have been about 70 and i thought 'if he can do it so can I'.

I finished in a good time 86.55, which equates to about 6.2minutes per kilometre. I was a bit tired afterwards and very hungry but proud of my efforts too. A good indicator for my half marathon coming up in September.

Happy running everyone.



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  • 85000, wow!

    what an event, well done.

  • My youngest daughter did this too! Well done! Good luck for the half marathon!

  • Thanks very much. How did your daughter go grid let?

  • Well done Amanda, it sounds like an amazing event.

  • Congratulations! That run is on my bucket lits too. Along with doing the 10k track

    around Ullaru one day. Bet your grinning today:)

  • Thanks. Definitely grinning... Bit weary though. I would live to run around Uluru... Have to be winter though!

  • Congrats Amanda! I'm only on week 3 now but I'm intending on doing the city to surf when I move back to Sydney!! Glad to see how far you have come and now I know there is still hope for me yet!!

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