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The big one!!

Oh my god!! I 've only gone and run for 20 mins!

Don't think I've ever achieved that in my whole life! Recovered enough to take the dog out for a walk too (I'm a treadmill runner, and the dogs far too fast for me!)

So happy!!!!!!

Thought I was going to die at 8 mins, then realised I was thinking about the running too much and just needed to take my mind off it, got into a rythym, a slow one, and felt so relieved when Laura said I could walk:)

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Helleb that is fantastic, well done :)

Like you once I cracked the slowness it suddenly dawned on me that I could do it too.

Enjoy the days rest and have fun with the next run :D


It's amazing isn't it, when you realise that you really can do it! :)


Woot woot! Well done!


It's fantastic feeling isn't it? Well done, that's the mental one out of the way, now you know you can run :)


Well done! My wife and I are all set to do the 20mins today! :/)


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