The Big One

Just home after Week 9 Run 3 :)

I really wanted to end on a good one, as run 2 was just exhausting, so I set off really, really slowly today to see if I could yet run for 30 minutes without feeling like death at the end.

After half an hour, I'd covered less distance than last time, but I still felt fine - it's obviously taken me the full nine weeks to work out how slowly I should be going! Last time I had done 4.5K during the 30 min run, but I was a way off that. Anyway, I was feeling so good, so I decided for the first time to keep going and see if I could make the 5K, which I did in 36:24, and the amazing thing is, and this is a real first for me, I still felt as though I could keep going. (I didn't, by the way, but I could have done!)

For anyone just starting out or maybe feeling daunted by the later weeks, have faith and keep going! I found the early weeks really hard, but if you just keep going, slow as you like, and perhaps a bit slower still, the progress you make is amazing.

I really want to make sure I keep going now and don't lose momentum, as I don't remember when I last felt this good. Apart from feeling fitter and stronger, I've been so much happier lately.

Anyway, I'm hoping to do my first Parkrun on Saturday, buy myself some running shoes for my birthday on Sunday, and then I think I'll aim to keep doing the 30 mins or 5K three times a week for now and see how it goes. I've signed up for Race for Life in July too.

Thanks to all the lovely supportive people on the forum, and my virtual running partner, Buffy! Your turn next :)


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  • Congratulations! I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself. Graduation run and your first 5k in a good time!

    Lots of lovely new running adventures ahead for you! You need to ask for your graduate tag now.

  • Oh super, super, super. A fantastic, happy, successful post. You and I have definitely been joined at the hip as far as experience and emotion go. Each of your posts could have been written by me. What a journey and what enthusiasm. What advice. Listen hard all you people coming up behind - this is a glowing testament to this programme - it really is miraculous.

    Looking forward to seeing 'Graduate' by your name! You can have 2 pieces of cake now on Sunday.

    Congratulations and Very Well Done. xx

  • I might just eat the whole thing!

  • Well done! It feels good doesn't it?!

  • Really good. I'm even proud of the old beetroot face now, hence the photo lol. How do I get my badge?

  • Lovely new photo. I've just noticed the turquoise tags at the ends of posts - I don't know how they come up - but the first one on yours is 'Death'! Charming! (btw, great time for your 5k. What a week this is going to be for you).

  • Congratulations! Great feeling isn't it! And loving the tags lol :D

    You can pick up your graduate badge from the pinned posts. Well done and enjoy the post graduation glow :D

  • Lol, I know! Death Work-out!

  • Congratulations!! The fact you could keep on going is both that you have trained progressively in the last nine weeks and that you started slow to warm into your pace. Well done and good luck for your parkrun and Birthday. This is just the start!

  • Congratulations Gludwig you have done tremendously well and completed the programme. Look forward to your parkrun experience. Good luck

  • Congratulations and the best of luck (not that you'll need it) on Saturday. You must feel amazing! Happy birthday for Sunday - what a great gift you've just given yourself!

  • Champagne! Congratulations! x

  • Well done GLudwig! Congratulations on graduating AND on the 5K.

  • Congratulations GLudwig, good resolutions for continuing, and definitely encouraging to hear that you have made it through so steadily and resolutely :)

  • Thanks, Ruth, you'll be there in no time too. Hope this week's going well for you.

  • Thanks, just getting back into it after a cold. This site keeps me going. I'm getting used to my beetroot face too. You look fab :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation, it's a deserved reward after the effort you put in, you must be walking around with a big smile on your face! 😊 Happy running (I think most of us suffer with a little colour to our cheeks, pic looks great!)

  • Fantastic news, well done. Hope you enjoy the Parkrun!!

  • Congratulations! Great 5k time too!

  • Thanks, everyone :)

  • Well done! Im in week 5 and you are an inspiration to me :-)

  • Happy Birthday for Sunday. Well done thanks for the inspiration. I have just signed up for a park run and looking forward to it. Hope the weather

  • Great run and great time... I graduated months ago and I would love that time... well done :-)

  • Well done! Great run :D I like your plan...enjoy the next phase of your running journey! :D

  • Well done. You'll love the Parkrun, and you won't be last with a time like that, not that it matters much. You have any ideas what to do next? A few runs to consolidate? Then start 5k+?

  • Absolutely fabulous Glud ! Well done , you have done so well and you have shown such determination and inner strength

    Many Congratulations to you , and I lurrve your graduation glow , dahling :-D xxx

  • Well Done !!! Now it's Parkrun on Saturday. Enjoy it.

  • Thanks. Looking forward to Parkrun, but a bit nervous!

  • Congratulations Gludwig, that Graduate badge really suits you. Cracking time for your first ever 5k. Very well done :)

  • Thanks AM!

  • Congratulations G well done girl. I'll be there soon πŸ˜‰


  • I know! Get me, very fancy!

  • It is indeed the big one! Very many congratulations to you. You are probably still beaming and so you should be. A run to be proud of.

  • That is fantastic, well done! Have a great birthday and enjoy parkrun on Saturday. Oh and I hope you get some fabby shoes you deserve them! x :-)

  • Well done and great time, like AndyD I haven't reached that wonderful time yet either! Nor did I manage 5K for some time after I graduated. You are a star! Thank you for sharing your C25k journey with us, happy running xxx

  • Congratulations on completing the programme and on achieving your 5k in what sounds like a really good time. One more week to go for me, see you on the other side.

  • Thanks! Yesterday was great, but my legs are really aching now. Good luck with your final week, Coddfish, and yes, see you at the finish line!

  • YAY! Go GLudwig. We are all so pleased for you. Well done.

  • Many many congratulations on your graduation. That badge looks fabbo. So pleased for you, well done! Steve x

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