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My knee started "clicking" during w7 r1. Had this happen to you? Think I should keep running? Use support bandage? Rest required?

Am on week 7 run 1 and 5 mins before the end of the session as I was runnign I got the sensation that my knee needed to "click", I kept jogging but each time i put my knee down it did it again and again. I took my headphones out and I could actually hear it "click" as i put my foot down/pushed off. Although i had no pain i decided it best i stop jogging and did a brisk walk home. Waling is fine, it doesn't ache. Ideas on what it could be, etc are greatly welcomed. But I am more interested in those of you who have had similar to see if some support my be useful next time? My knees do click a bit normally esp if I walk up the stairs.

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I have clicking/crackling knees also. I wear a light support on one knee because of an injury and it just seems a bit weak. I think you are probably OK as long as your not experiencing pain. I take glucosimine and chondroitin as a supplement to lubricate joints and rebuild cartilage. I have taken it for about 3 months and I feel like I am feeling and hearing an improvement. My knees seem not as noisy. :-) Gayle


Thanks gdeann for answering I have heard of glucosamine tablets but not chrondroitin. I will look into these :)


Here in the States, they are combined as one supplement. They work hand in hand together to give the best results. It will take about a month or so of regular use before you nay start noticing a difference.


Hum, yes, this happend to me but mine was sooo painful. I got to W6R3. After much rest (due to getting flu) and pain killers I decide to try again. I still have a twinge but I'm wearing a support and find it helps. Oh and I'm taking cod liver oil as someone said it would help.

But I'm no expert.

Mind how you go Rach


Thanks dush.

I did take a glucosamine tablet and x2 cod liver oil's this morning. I will see if any results in a month. I will give it 3 days rest before trying again see if that helps. I also have a knee support available so I could try too (if it fits!)


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