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Hiya lovelies!

Ive been rubbish again & not been jogging... Although last week I had a good excuse;

I did a dumbell work out video which included squats, lunges, the whole shebang!...for the next 5 days I strugged to even sit down or walk hahaha so definitely couldnt jog 😂

Anyway enough excuses...

I bought myself a new Nike top and pink Reebok trainers so that I look forward to wearing my new jogging clothes haha! 💖

I was determined today so after my dog walk I did Wk5 Run 1 on the treadmill 😄

The first 5 minutes jogging felt ok then it got harder but I enjoyed it and still completed it yay!! I always feel I'm not jogging fast enough but I walk at 5.5k and jog at 7k 🙄

I'm so happy I did it & now just need to stick at it every week 😍

Hope you're all doing fab 😁👏 xxx

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Good post and nice photo of you Lauren, perhaps you over did the exercises you did with that video,😒 especially squats🤔, they are sore on the legs but they say they will help a lot with running. I occasionally do them but I have kettlebells 📹and exercise with them and I do some yoga planks on some days as well, 🏃😊


Good job... if you’re running, it’s fast enough... don’t worry about pace.

Im jogging not running 🙄

I couldnt run haha!

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to LittleLauren

Both feet of the ground is running 😛

You say jogging, I say running, just don’t call the whole thing off!

My “run” is slower than your walk 😊

Im sure you're doing fab! Keep at it lovely 😁 we can do this! X

Love your pink theme Lauren! 💕

Thank you 🙂💖 pink is the best!!

cheekychipmunksGraduate in reply to LittleLauren

I love pink too, but since getting a blue car a couple of years ago, I find myself getting lots of blue things to match! 💙💙💙

Meant to also add that I don’t blame you for taking a few days to recover from your over excursions! No pain no gain though, so you’ll reap the benefits for your running.

Glad you enjoyed getting back to it. Don’t worry about how fast you’re going. Just keep a comfy pace up and you’ll be happy and injury free! 😀🏃‍♀️

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