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Will you marry me?

You guys are great, you really are. I knew that already when you

a) first encouraged me to run those 60 seconds.

b ) when I broke my wrist on week 6.

c) And then when I hated week 8.

d) When I complained because "friends" say I'm too thin (you cannot be too rich or too thin, Jackie Kennedy)

e) when a surgeon siad I'd prolapse my womb by running (oops!)

e) And even after my rubbishy post-food-alcohol-Christams runs.

But the latest responses are all brilliant. Thank you to each and every one of you. For suggesting shopping therapy, massage, aromatics, Bach flowers or even just "chin up!"

I truly love you all to bits,


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yes! ;-) just dont tell me fella

seriously though - you're here for us Delia, its a two way thing.

take care



I'd love to but...

Hubby wouldn't be keen on the idea!

How about I'll run with you if/when you're in Scotland/I'm in Italy...

Take care ((((DeliaItaly))))


How lovely :) x


:-) Says it all.


:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Whens the wedding? :-) Or better yet, the engagement party? :-) Gayle


I'd just been thinking how lovely and supportive everyone on here is, and then saw this post. Couldn't put it better.

And I think you should probably get both pairs of jeans too (maybe that's on another thread, but never mind.)


Actually someone suggested I open a new thread i.e. "Which jeans should I buy, the flowery or the pink?"

An amazing group of people indeed. We should be very proud -- compare it to the Guardian running blog where they only talk about the negative side of running and slag each other off. Much rather be here :-)


Both pairs of jeans, obviously! Honestly, though, it's a mutual support thing, isn't it? Most of my friends are truly baffled by this running lark, and are a bit dismissive. My daughters are baffled though supportive, so this is a great place to get encouragement, amusement and information. There's no negativity, and no strangers either. How nice :)


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