Its not you its me. A graduation story

It’s not you, it’s me.

I don’t deserve a couch as good as you. Don’t get me wrong; I wanted this to work. We have shared some good times, some great times even but now....We have just grown apart. Sorry

I did it folks. I have broken up with the couch (although we remain friends and still meet up now and again) :-)

Graduation day has come and having been inspired by my fellow niners tales of triumph and tears, my four legged running companion and I set out at 11am for that final climb to the summit. A beautiful day for running here in Glasgow, still and calm and not too warm but still warmer than the 5am start we are used to.

A new graduation loop was chosen, slightly more than 5k and off we set after the mornings upbeat story of you and julie.. you and julie.... :-)

I decided to take this one nice and slowly and to really enjoy the hard work and effort of these past nine weeks. The run was quite uneventful. I swallowed flies, (loads of flies around compared to the morning, only to be expected I suppose) the dog did his normal duck and rabbit chasing and at one point he set off on quite an amazing sprint across a marsh at God only knows what. :O

Pace and breathing kicked in early which is quite unusual in its self, and the kilometres just slipped by. Before I knew it, my loop had come to an end and I had to continue round for a bit to complete Lauras 30 minutes even finishing with a last minute pacey 250metres.

These past 9 weeks have gone oh so quickly and I would like to thank each and every one of you for all your encouragement, tips and inspirational stories. I was so self concious when I set out on that first 60 second run, hiding my running away on an out of the way path, fearing that I would never manage the first week and if spotted, people would just point and laugh.

For those who are on the early weeks, keep the faith and keep those legs moving. You will want to stop but please keep at it if you are not injured. You will have such an amazing feeling of achievement at the end of every run.

For those considering the programme, please follow through on your thoughts. If I can do this, anyone can.

For the future, I will consolidate for a week or so and then move on. I have in mind to run 3 times a week ( 1 shorter, faster run of 3k or so, 1 5k run and 1 longer run, eventually working up to 10k.

Thank you for reading and good luck to you all.


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35 Replies

  • Brilliant post ! Well done, many congratulations on your fantastic achievement ! Good Luck , enjoy your well deserved rest :-) xxx

  • Thank you pp. I have really enjoyed the journey

  • Congratulations Runner56 what a great post about a great run. Very well done. Be suitably proud of your achievements today and over the past 9 weeks. Good luck with your ongoing running adventure x

  • Thank you. I am proud. Couldnt have done it without the NHS and this forum :-)

  • Made lovely reading, well done, Im right behing you

  • Thank you. Keep on keeping on. Your shiny badge awaits :-)

  • That's fantastic Runner56, well done! That sounds like a great graduation run. Good luck with your running and enjoy! x

  • Thank you. It was a really good run and I am glad I did a different route for the graduation. Think I had a smile on my face all the way round :-)

  • Very very very well done, Runner; congratulations on your graduation! :-) Sounds like a great run you had - fantastic post! Very encouraging for others as well! Feels amazing, the graduating, doesn't it: almost surreal! Fantastic stuff: looking forward to hearing more of your running fun! Well done!

  • It is truly surreal Miles. And a fantastic feeling to complete :-)

    Sounds as if you had a ball this morning as well. And some incredible times too boot!! It has been great sharing these 9 weeks with you and our fellow graduates. Best of luck on your future runs. I am sure you and MG will share many happy and fruitful miles :-)

  • Congratulations runner56! Your enjoyment shines through. I hope you feel amazing!

  • I do feel great Ullyrunner. And thank you for your kind words

  • Thankyou kittykat. I hadn't thought of parkrun but might look around and see whats what. There is a local 10k in september that I might consider if I get to that sort of level. A relaxing couple of days and then out again come Monday :-)

  • Many CONGRATULATIONS to you runner56!!! You're another superstar of the day!!! Very very well done indeed.

    Your graduation run sounded so calm and perrrrfect, nice job!

    I love the way all you grads have your running plans all sorted for when you complete, all the very best with all your future years of Cool Runnings :-)

  • Thank you BP. Inspiration on future plans has come from the old hands (hope they dont mind being called that :-) ) It was most definitely a calm and peaceful run

  • How fabulous and well done for ditching the couch!!! All the very best as you progress, and most importantly enjoy the journey :)

  • Thanks JJ. As I type, me and the couch are back on good terms :-)

  • Congratulations!

    Where's your badge? Have you asked for it? Follow the link on the right》》》》》》》》》》》BLUE TEXT

  • Thank you miss wobble. I have requested the badge. There are a lot of fellow grads today so I realise there may be a slight delay :-)

  • Congratulations. Glad to hear you're still on friendly terms with the couch :)

  • Thanks Paul. I think we will always be friends. We have been through a lot together

  • Wahey. Congratulations. What a lovely post. Now you're an old hand too. I like your plan for each week. I'm still playing around and really need to settle into a routine. Happy running x

  • Why thank you jaqs. Hopefully I can stick to a routine. I suppose the fear is you lapse back into old ways without having a goal but hopefully that wont happen

  • Well done for continuing with thus progrqmme and completing it. I bet you are one very happy bunny now. I completed it back in November/December time. I have slowly moved on and I am doing my 2nd 10k race on sunday. Good luck with your future running x

  • Wow. That is great. Best of luck on Sunday and thanks for your kind words

  • Brilliant, massive congratulations, best break up you can have!!!! Well done on graduating and all the best for your future relationship with your lovely running shoes!


  • Cheers Em. It was tough to chose between couch and running shoes at first but I am confident (ish) that this time its for real :-)

  • Well done, great post and by the sounds of it a great run. You never know we may pass each other running some sunny day in Glasgow :-) but then again maybe not as you are west end and I'm southside. Gon the glesga runners!!!!

  • Cheers Laurae. You never know :-) I may venture south one of these days on a big run :-)

  • Great post.

    I hope the sofa is ok and not to broken hearted, but these things have to come to an end, when you know it's not right it's time. I am glad that you can remain friends.

    It's best to not question the mind of our dogs, that leads to the path of madness.

    Congratulations :D

  • Thanks spoonie. Like your dog, mine has been my running companion these past 9 weeks, only missing one run in week 4 or 5 as he did not fancy the torrential rain that I was mad enough to go out in. You think they may look at a special minting of four legged grad badges? :D

  • are a credit to your couch!!

  • Why thank you! It is good that we have remained friends :-)

  • A very big Well Done runnrt56 on graduating.

    It has been a pleasure running with you (in a virtual sense).

    I hope your future running goals are acheived and thank you for all your support

  • Thanks redskins. It has been great that a group of us went through this together. It really did help knowing that others were going through the same tears and triumphs. Happy future runnings to you :D

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