Are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson

So today was W9R3. Or as I now refer to it, The Robinson Run. I can now put myself alongside Dustin Hoffman and call myself The Graduate.

9 weeks ago I decided I needed to make some changes as regards the heath and lifestyle thing. I was 110kg and climbing and I would be out of breath going up the stairs at home.

After typing in ‘lose 20kg in 6 months’ into Google it showed one link for ‘Couch to 5km in 9 weeks’ so I thought it could be worth a go.

20 minutes ago I finished the final run of week 9. I also took 3 minutes exactly off my previous 5km from Friday.

I’ve ran in the California heat, the shores of Niagra, even at 5am to get a run in before work. And I have loved every minute of it.

It hasn’t been easy but it has got easier.

Gives you a lot of time to think and reflect as well when you are out there with just your own thoughts.

Also gives a great feeling to see what you can actually achieve despite where you were at the time you started.

All of this has been achievable by you bunch of people.

Cajoling, encouraging, pushing, laughing.

Oldfloss and JanCanRun will always be with me on each run. As will all of the stories I have read on here as each of you faced your own demons and victories.

It’s funny how you get to know names as they started at the same time as you.

For you people still on the program you will have your own ‘Class of C25K’ as you go from week to week.

I on the other hand have a nice new pair of Brooks running shoes that I treated myself to ready as my graduation present 🏃🎓🏅

I’m only taking a quick selfie on the podium as I want it to be clean and shiny for all of you other people that are just rounding the bend of your own journey and approaching the final stretch.

Thank you all for being you.

To quote Sly from Rocky II

Yo Adriaaaa......I did it!


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41 Replies

  • Yahoo! Fantastic achievement and congratulations to you. It's a great feeling. Wishing many many great post graduation runs for the future. Delighted for you.

  • Congratulations GingerBohemian 😎...

    Whoop whoop... your post title didn't twig at first (doh) ....Well done Graduate 😄🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Its a brilliant program isn't it...and you have really done well by reaching the 5k mark already too. ( Not all of us do by graduation)..

    There is always plenty of time to take your celebratory applause on the podium..its yours👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Get your Badge on and happy running adventures..sounds like you are hooked, there is a B210k site on here when you are ready...😉Well done.x

  • Doing the 5K but it’s 40 minutes. Want to get that down to a consistent 35min and maybe have one stretch run at 5.5km each week.

    But yes....hooked :)

    Me! Running!

  • Great plan, keep a nice steady pace for that 5k , and maybe just do 30 mins now and again and you will naturally begin to run faster as your stamina continues to increase.

    Every run makes you stronger 😊xx

  • Congratulations on your graduation, GingerBohemian! It has been great reading your posts and seeing you succeed! Thanks for leading the way for those coming up behind you. (i.e me).

    I wish you all the best for your running future.


  • Not far for you to go now Sadie.

    I’ll leave some Vueve and a glass at the podium for you.

  • Your journey has been as entertaining for us as it has been for you.

    Now to plan the next stage of running the world.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Could t have done it without you guys.

  • Love this post and have really enjoyed reading about your runs and travels - four countries is it at least? Here's to you, GingerBohemian!

  • Czech, US, Canada, UK ticked off.

    Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark coming up :)

  • Yey!!! Well done GingerBohemian’ve got me singing the Rocky theme now as I picture you up on that podium, punching the air while you shout!!! Enjoy the celebrations, I shall be raising a glass to you tonight...there’s room for you up here coz I’m jumping down to make way for you& Wannabefit19 can’t say I haven’t kept it warm for you!! CONGRATULATIONS you GRADUATE you x

  • It was reading your posts as you were nearing the last stretch that kept me going

  • Aww, thanks GingerBohemian...glad they made a difference! I really enjoyed Week’ve done amazingly well...and so the story continues 😉

  • Brilliantly done, just in catch up mode.. fanbloodytastic achievement. It's so great when a plan comes together and it's been a pleasure seeing you progress week by week.

    Don't forget to ask for your badge - pinned posts to the right. You are the Ginger B you should have some Ginger Bling...

  • I have the Bike, the Belly (hopefully soon discarded), the Beer (celebratory) so let’s get some Bling!

  • GingerB, many congrats to you for making the decision to change and following through! I've admired your dedication and your results!

    May this give you confidence and energy!! Break out the champagne 🥂

  • I do enjoy a bubble or two but thought I would go with a beer tonight.

    This change is great isn’t it?! I have followed your journey as well. How is the running in New Mexico?

    Hope all is well with the reason why you are there.

  • Oh yes -- well, this is a kind of great place for my mom to have this disease -- a close knit community and people are always dropping by. The running in NM is great so far! Meant to be showers and/or snow tomorrow morning (there has been ice in the mornings when I've been out though daytime temps have been about 23-24). We'll see how it looks!

  • I am delighted for you. What a lovely post, it's so good to know that you are enjoying your running so much. The sense of satisfaction at achieving at the end of week 9 is priceless and well worth all the efforts you put in.

    I hope this is just the first leg of your running journey.


  • Me too.

    But those efforts were not only mine. They were carried by the folk on here that took the time out to humour me and read my inane drivel and poke the fire when required.

    So my thanks are to you guys. We happy band of jofflers

  • Whoopee well done!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • You’ll be there before you know it.

    You will pass all of the ‘too fast’ people and plod on by

  • Be where?? Will probably never get to 5k bit really not bothered if I do it will be a bonus just gonna have a month of consolidation and see where it takes me.

  • As Lewis Carrol wrote :

    Am I going he right way?

    That depends on where you are going.

    Your ‘there’ is yours. But you will get there wherever there is.

    Slow and steady.

  • Yep that is my mantra!! That’s why the treadmill run tonight was not the ticket 🤣🤣

  • Woohoo that is fabulous and what a great post. In awe but heading your way 🥇👏🏃‍♀️

  • I’m just clearing the leaves and slugs out of the way for you.

    Oh hear ye! Oh here ye! Make way for the Cornet!

  • 3 weeks away so best not to wait, 😂

  • Fan..taby..tastic --- fellow graduate ... what a feeling and what a journey you have had ... thank goodness for Google flagging up this program to you .... bet you are so so pleased to have started that day .... yes this forum is THE BEST .... and we all get to know each other as we go through the weeks together ..... here a cheers to you from me .... on laptop otherwise would post loads of emojos for you here ...... Keep in touch with post graduation runs and improvements /progress........

    You will be a shadow of your former self before you know it --- 20kg gone ..... enjoy the new brooks - i bought some week 7 and love them

  • Fantastic ... Excellent ... Congratulations ... WELL DONE! Xx

  • Hey there!! Just catching up here!! Well done you!! Keep posting though, I want to know how it goes now you've graduated ☺

  • I'll be filling the forum with my usual drivvle dont worry :)

  • Lol. I graduated last week, and for the moment I'm just carrying on with 30 minute runs, but without headphones, which is a novelty!

  • oooh no. Need my music.

  • I commune with nature! 😀

  • What a brilliant post!!

    Congratulations on your graduation. I hope you enjoy those new trainers, you deserve them.

    I will hopefully join you on the podium on Saturday. I'm sure you can stay on there until the pol shine your medal ☺️

  • I'll be waiting

  • Brilliant work GB! You've well and truly earned your place on the podium. I do hope you'll keep posting though.

  • The forum is now as much a habit as the running

  • Please hang about here GB. I have liked your running stories and travel writing and look forward to many more posts.

    Very big congratulations to you. Good job 👏 Enjoy the party 🎉 and enjoy the running 🏃.

  • I'll hang around for as long as you'll have me

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